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When BMW announced it would build an all electric vehicle in 2020, it was hailed as a step toward becoming a true electric vehicle manufacturer.

But the company quickly learned that the company was also building a diesel powered SUV, which would eventually become the BMW i3.

While the two vehicles are not identical in terms of design, performance and design, BMW has finally learned to make a car that is not a competitor to the VW or Mercedes-Benz.

BMW has partnered with the French automaker to create the BMW E-Drive, a car designed to compete with the Volkswagen Beetle.

The car, which BMW says will be called the BMW Electric Drive, will be powered by a hybrid system with a hydrogen fuel cell and will have a range of up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) in electric mode.

According to BMW, the E-drive will have an electric motor and a diesel motor with the combined output of the two engines of 50 kW each.

The E-delta, as it is being called, will have the same overall design as the BMW e-Drive but will be slightly lighter and have more space for passengers.

BMW says the E,delta will have two seating positions and four seats.

BMW E is an all carbon fiber body, with the carbon fiber parts being made of carbon-fiber.

The body is made from lightweight aluminum and has a carbon fiber composite structure.

The electric drive system is made of a new aluminum alloy and uses an electric charge controller.

The carbon fiber carbon-frame body has been designed with the use of high-performance materials, including titanium.

BMW claims the EDrive is able to achieve an EPA-estimated 60 miles per gallon (130 kilometers per hour) on electric charge and that it will reach a top speed of 160 kilometers per minute (104.7 mph).

The EDrive will be able to go up to 200 kilometers per year on electricity, which is comparable to the EPA estimate of 200 to 250 kilometers per day.

BMW will sell the E Drive as an electric vehicle with a range in excess of 100 kilometers (62.8 miles).

The company is also working on a diesel electric car, the BMW Diesel E-eDrive, which it will call the BMW EV Drive.

The company says the electric drive will have range in the neighborhood of 125 kilometers (84 miles), and it will also be able go up over 100 kilometers per month.

Both of the E and E-develos will be based on the BMW 2 Series, a platform that was first introduced in 2014.

BMW is also looking to compete in the EV category with a new electric vehicle, the all-new BMW i8.

BMW e and e-dynamic electric vehicles will both be available in 2021.

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