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Expedia Car Rental (EMC) has announced a new service called FlyRental that lets travelers take off from the airport and make their way to the nearest airport-owned car rental store.

To make the journey, travelers can simply use their phone to search for car rentals online, and the service will deliver a vehicle to their door.

Once inside, they can pick up their car from the parking lot, pay for their rental, and then depart.

The app will let travelers set their own price for their trip, and they can even customize the ride they want to take.

This service will be available for about a year after its launch.

“We are thrilled to bring FlyRentals new service to Expedia, and we are excited to expand FlyRents reach to our customers across the country,” said Mark Burdick, Expedia’s chief operating officer.

“FlyRental will be an important addition to Expeditions car rental portfolio and is an exciting way for our customers to travel from their homes to their destinations.”

The service will launch in the United States this fall.

The launch comes at a time when car rental companies are trying to find ways to increase their profits, and Expedia has been a leader in this space.

Last year, the company announced a partnership with Hertz to offer a new car rental service, and in February it announced the launch of its own online car rental platform.

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