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The best way to fix a car part is not to buy it, but rather to do it yourself.

So says a study released this week by a team of researchers led by UCLA’s Eric Fischbach, the George A. Romero Chair of Urban Planning at the University of Southern California.

The researchers tested a method called a microscale repair, where small pieces of metal are placed on a large surface and then gently lifted off by hand.

They found the results were promising, but that the process was not as safe as many people have feared.

The study was published online in the journal Science Advances.

Fischberg and his team first conducted a similar experiment on a car, this time using a metal plate attached to a piece of metal with a hollow base.

The plate was then lifted by a screwdriver.

The team was then able to lift a metal piece up to about a foot, or about 6 inches.

That was enough to lift the plate off the metal plate and onto the steel plate, Fischbeck said.

The scientists were able to repair the metal piece using this method.

But the plate did not stay on the steel and so had to be removed.

This time, the researchers tried using a different metal plate, one attached to an open area, and then lifted it up to a height of about 6 to 10 inches.

It was also successful, but the team noted that the plate was much more difficult to lift than before.

The microscale work was done in the laboratory, so it was not practical for a real-world repair.

The findings were encouraging because the researchers believe that their results can be applied to a wide variety of car parts.

Fichtbach and his colleagues used this same microscale method to repair two pieces of steel and one piece of aluminum.

The two steel pieces, which are about the size of a credit card, had to move around on the ground and had to rest on the aluminum.

When they moved, the steel would be dislodged and then removed by hand, while the aluminum pieces were moved.

They also used this technique to repair a pair of small pieces, including a metal door, that were attached to the front bumper of a car.

Fichbach and team used the same micro scale technique to restore a portion of a metal fence that was attached to two metal panels that were placed on the top of the car.

The fences had to come off by a pair or two of hand-crank cranks, which were moved by hand by the team.

When the researchers removed the metal fence and the metal panels, the metal panel was not disloded.

They were also able to restore the fence and panels to their original position by using a similar technique.

“This is a step forward in understanding the process of repairing the components of a vehicle,” Fichtbert said.

“We hope this method can be adapted to repair many types of car systems.”

Fichtbeck is a professor of urban planning at UCLA.

His research interests include the planning of cities and urban design.

He is also a consultant to various automobile manufacturers, including Volkswagen and Audi.

The paper, titled “A microscale, automated, and safe microscale metal repair for metal fences,” was co-authored by Andrew D’Agostino, a doctoral student at UCLA; Jennifer Duszyn, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering; and Kevin J. Rochon, a graduate student at UC Riverside.

The work was supported by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.

The UCLA Institute for Advanced Study is the world’s largest and most comprehensive center for the study of the universe and its effects on humans.

For more information on the UCLA Institute, please visit

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