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A car accident can be deadly and can leave a family with a scar that can last a lifetime.

Here are some tips to keep yourself safe while out and out.


Use a safe car seat.

When your car breaks down, take your car seat into your vehicle and buckle it down.

Put a belt over the back seat and the driver seat so you can move your arms and legs without having to bend down.

The back seat is also ideal for those with shoulder injuries.


Wear a seatbelt and use the front seat for a quick walk to the shops.

If you have a car with no front passenger seat, wear a seat belt and use a seat cushion to move around.

If there’s a gap between the front seats, put your seat belt on the gap.


Check your seatbelt when you’re on the road.

If it’s broken or has slipped out of your harness, look in the front of your car for it and make sure you’ve used the seatbelt.


Use your cellphone to call your friends or family.

Use an app called TextSecure or a text message service such as WhatsApp or FaceTime to call friends and family if you can’t reach them.


If the car is moving, get out of the way.

When you see the car come in, don’t get out.

If possible, get behind the wheel and make a quick turn to the right or left before you hit the road again.


Use seatbelts and don’t drive alone.

If your child is in a car seat, ask the driver to move the child to the backseat if the car can’t be moved.

If that doesn’t work, call the police.


If a vehicle pulls over and a person is sitting in the passenger seat or front seat, stay calm.

Don’t move and don`t make any sudden movements.

Don`t yell or move the car in front of you.

Call your neighbours or other people on the way home to report the incident.


Drive safely in the dark.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Avoid driving while under the effect of any drugs or other drugs.


Keep your children safe.

Drive with someone you trust who can drive safely and you can always call 911 if your child falls or is injured.

The only way to be safe while driving is to drive safely.


If someone is driving a vehicle and you are not able to see them, report it to police.


If an accident occurs, call 000.

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