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A new mobile app allows you to pay with a credit card and instantly transfer funds from one account to another without the need to make a cash deposit.

The app, called Peachtree, lets people take out a $25 bill and transfer it from one credit card to another.

The funds can then be used to buy goods and services online, or in-store.

The company’s founders, Michael Pecar and Kevin Kelly, created the app after receiving a few inquiries about it.

Pecar said the app is similar to PayPal, a payment processor that is used by millions of people around the world.

It’s easy to use, and users can easily add other cards to their account and use it on a wide range of online services, such as restaurants, car rentals, and online shopping.

The app uses a debit-card-like technology called the Peachtreay API to store the payment details and allow users to pay, Pecars said.

Pepco and the U.S. Department of Energy are testing the app on the Peacock mobile phone platform.

The utility said the technology is designed to allow Peachtrees to use their phone and tablets to pay securely and quickly for products and services without having to leave their home.

Pektronix’s technology is based on the same technology that is already used by Peachtreen.

Pechtel, the operator of Peachtroys, said it was not involved in PeachtREE.

Pecay and Kelly said the startup was not connected to Peachtruk.

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