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I know the pressure is on us, the girls to keep the house clean, clean the bathroom, clean and tidy, but I can assure you this is a lot harder than it sounds.

In a society that celebrates perfection, our lives are being judged, judged for our appearance, judged because we are the ones who have to clean and maintain it all, judged by the rest of the world for being a burden.

We can’t control the things we are wearing, or our hair, or how many children we have.

The more we are judged, the more we’re judged.

We’re judged for the way we look, for our behaviour, for the manner in which we walk and talk, judged in our own house, judged against the world, judged as people.

This is the reality of being a woman, and we all know it.

Women have been judged for so long for their looks, their beauty, their looks.

And yet, they don’t feel it, they feel ashamed of it.

This fear of not fitting in and the shame that comes with it, is why women feel isolated and afraid of their appearance.

The truth is that we have a lot more to lose if we choose to not wear what is expected of us.

I’ve had to face the fact that my appearance is more important to me than my well being.

When my daughter was born, we spent a week in hospital for a week with a very serious infection and the thought of leaving my home meant the world to me.

The hospital was an absolute nightmare, the nurses had to work hard to make sure she was safe, to ensure she was well enough to leave the hospital.

I know I look good in a dress.

I know my body is beautiful.

I’m proud of my body, I love myself, I don’t need to change, and I love my friends.

My daughter is now seven and a half and I have always been proud of her.

I love her, I adore her, and she loves me.

I’ve been told that I look too old, too skinny, that I should shave my legs or that I need to have an operation to look like me.

These things happen in real life, but in real-life people don’t talk about this, and it doesn’t bother me.

So I can tell you that I feel safe and I feel good in the house.

I am very proud of who I am.

And yet it is a constant battle to not be judged by others.

We’ve been judged on who we are and what we wear, and for a woman to be judged on her appearance, or her body, or what she says or does, is just so painful.

It’s like a war on women that we live in, a war we don’t want to win.

We all need to stop talking about our bodies and our looks, to stop being judged.

It isn’t a new thing, and women should not be ashamed.

The shame of our bodies is what makes us feel judged, not the appearance.

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