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Disney-maker Maker Studios announced on Tuesday that it has acquired the Maker Studios Maker Cars franchise, which includes a variety of Disney and Maker Studios properties, including the Disney-branded Genesis car, to expand its gaming and entertainment business in China.

The acquisition will create a fully integrated company dedicated to the Maker Studio brands in China, and will combine Maker Studios’ global development and development capabilities with Disney’s Maker Studios.

The deal includes a total of $3.5 billion in cash and a $4.1 billion stock purchase option.

Maker Studios has already been acquired by Disney, but the company’s future prospects in China remain unclear.

Disney, which has been growing its gaming footprint in China through its Maker Studios brand, is also looking to expand beyond the country.

The company has been developing a series of cars that will run on Maker Studios software.

Disney said in September that the company plans to release its own ride-sharing service in China this year, though it has yet to say when or if that will launch.

In a statement, Maker Studios said it will continue to focus on developing the company-owned cars for use in Disney Parks and Disneyland Resort and other locations.

“As part of our efforts to support our customers, we will be working closely with Maker Studios to expand our entertainment offerings and expand our automotive capabilities, both in China and beyond,” Maker Studios chief executive Steve Hanley said in the statement.

“Maker Studios’ brands in entertainment, technology and entertainment are very important to Disney and we will continue working with Disney to further enhance our entertainment portfolio.”

Maker Studios has been expanding its games and entertainment operations in China since 2014.

The company is also working with other partners to launch new Maker Studios-branded titles, including a line of Maker-branded games that will debut in the coming months.

Maker Studios, which is based in San Diego, has been acquiring businesses and projects across a variety, from entertainment to automotive to games, for years.

The companies are currently expanding into the music, video, and other digital video game businesses, as well as publishing games.

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