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Disney and Disney Studios have just unveiled Toyline, a new line of Star Wars toys.

Toyline includes a range of new toys, including two Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed figures, a “Toy Story” themed vehicle, and the “Star Wars” “Darth Vader” figure.

“Star War” toys include a “Bespin,” “Vader,” and “Vaders” figure, plus an “Unkar Plutt” figure that comes with a custom “Starfighter” figurehead.

Disney says Toyline will be available in the U.S. on December 17.

The line is currently on sale at Disney stores, Walmart, and Target, and is expected to expand in the coming months. 

According to the Toyline website, the line features the “latest in design, innovation, and production, including a range that is as rich as the characters themselves.

With the latest in technology, the Toylines new toys will be perfect for the new generation of StarWars fans.”

Toyline’s Star Wars figures, like the “Bastila” figure from the upcoming “The Force Awakens” movie, come with “an exclusive Darth Vader” figurine.

The figure is said to have a special, custom helmet for a “Star Destroyer” action figure.

The toyline also includes two Starfighter figures, “Jedi Knight” and “Mace Windu,” both of which feature special lightsabers that can be equipped with special power-ups. 

In an interview with EW, Disney COO Peter Chernin said that Toyline is “designed for the Star Wars fandom.”

“With this line, we are introducing the latest technology, including high-end action figures,” he said.

“This is a new Star Wars toy line.

The characters themselves are designed for the fans.

We know the fans love Star Wars, and we want to deliver that excitement.”

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