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On the same day it was announced that the world’s first supercar will be ready for rental, the brand has officially announced its first car trailer, the S-300.

The car trailer will go on sale later this month at the International Auto Show in Detroit, with a price tag of $3,500.

That’s a bit steep for a trailer, but it’s well worth it for the fact that it will be able to travel the length of the US without refueling.

The S-3000 is a car-like trailer that can travel as far as 30 miles on its own.

The new trailer will also be capable of accommodating up to 12 people, and will be built by the brand’s sister company, Vauxhall, the UK’s largest car-repair and repair-service company.

It’s designed to be more than just a trailer and a place to store the trailer’s parts, and the S300’s owners can expect to be able set it up with their own personal air conditioning, solar panels, and other solar energy.

We have to hand it to Vauxhalls—they’re just doing it right.

The company’s new trailer is designed for the trailer owner who wants to move a lot of things around, and has a fully enclosed living area with two additional rooms that can be set up as a kitchen and a living room.

It also has room for a bed, but that’s not something you want to leave on a trailer.

Vaux’s newest car trailer has a built-in solar panel that can provide energy for a couple of times a day.

Vexar has been working on a car trailer for some time, and it’s not a completely new idea.

The original version was designed for people who are already comfortable with using solar panels to power their homes.

And while the trailer in the S30 was designed as a trailer that could carry passengers, Vex was able to build a car with more of an air-conditioning function.

The trailer has room to store spare parts, like the steering wheel, brake pads, and a trunk, as well as a power outlet and a power window.

The vehicle also comes with a battery pack for charging, as does the trailer itself.

This is all well and good, but we’re curious what kind of people would be attracted to the trailer if it came with all of the bells and whistles that we’re talking about here.

Vax will be using the trailer to transport its customers around town and back, so that’s something that we expect the trailer will have to handle.

The most interesting thing about the trailer is that it comes with all the extras you’d expect to find in a trailer: power windows, a solar panel, and an air conditioner, and Vax’s trailer is the only one of its kind in the world.

The only way it could have done this is by having its own factory to build the parts, but Vax claims that its new car trailer is going to be built entirely by Vex’s assembly plant.

The difference between Vex and Vaux is that Vex will use the parts that are made by Vaux, while Vex has the right to do whatever it wants with the parts.

This has created a lot more competition for the title of “world’s first car-ready supercar.”

In the end, the competition will be determined by the amount of money that Vax has to spend.

This trailer is also going to make it easier for Vex to sell its new cars.

The Vex car company has been selling its cars for a while, and in 2013 it won a contract to sell 2,500 new cars per year, but this year the company will need to raise more money to cover the costs of building and selling the trailer.

That means that Vixars future cars are going to need to be as good as new.

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