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The most important question of the day is: When is it the right period to buy car seat protection?

This is particularly important when purchasing a car cover for yourself, for example if you have an older child or if you need extra protection to prevent an accident.

The answer is: Never, as this is likely to cause more injury or death.

The National Motorists Association (NMA) has warned that there are currently too many people who buy cover for themselves and then ignore the safety advice in the back of their car seats.

They say that many parents and other people who need extra safety protection are unaware of how to choose the right car seat.

In the NMA’s research for this report, it was found that over 60 per cent of parents and others who needed extra protection were not aware of the recommended age for a car car seat to be used.

There is also concern that there is a lack of information around car seats and car safety, with many parents not being aware of what the appropriate age of car seats to use is.

For example, one in five parents who bought a cover for their child do not know when they should use it, with one in 10 parents not even knowing that the car seat has a seatbelt feature.

It is not just car owners that are confused.

Parents of preschool aged children, who often use a car, also find it difficult to find information on car seats, which can be confusing, especially if the child has special needs.

“There are no car seats for preschool age children, no child car seats or children’s car seats,” said Dr David McNamara, from the National Motorist Association (NMAA).

The car seats are not used for those aged five years and older.””

The advice is to have a car seats child safety seat with a child seatbelt system.”

The car seats are not used for those aged five years and older.

“The NMAA has also raised concerns about the age of the child in question, as it could be considered a safety issue when that age is older than the car seats seat should be used, and it is not clear if there is sufficient information about the car seating for a child of that age.

Dr McNamara said that parents who buy car seats could be in danger if they do not understand the appropriate time period to use a safety seat cover.”

We can’t say how much a parent will be responsible if they buy a cover when they are not fully informed about what it should be done, or if they don’t use it correctly,” he said.

The NMA said there are no official guidelines for car seats that should be worn by children up until the age that the child should be wearing the seat belt.”

Parents and others should be aware that there may be different guidelines for adults and children, depending on how old the child is and the age at which they are wearing the car safety seat,” Dr McNamara added.”

Some children may not need a car safety cover for life.

“This is why the NGA advises that children should not use a child safety harness or seatbelt on their car seat.”

The NPA has published a number of car seat safety tips, including:• Read all safety guidelines and tips about car seats from the NMIA car seat guide.• Make sure you are aware of all the appropriate car seat sizes and child safety seats for children, including the age required to wear the seatbelt.• Take the time to make sure that you are comfortable with using a child’s car seat and car seat belt, before the child reaches this age.• Be mindful of how the car is parked.• Use the appropriate child safety belt and carseat belt.• Have a child and a parent sit together on the car, in a car park or in a public car park.• Parents and others need to be aware of when a child is able to use the car safely and when they need to use extra care.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has also said that car seat use is on the rise, with more people now opting for child safety belts and child restraints.

The new NMA guidelines will be reviewed again in 2017.

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