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The police car chase of a man and his pregnant girlfriend in Florida has been filmed in an astonishing and shocking way, with one officer even being filmed getting his trousers caught in the chain-link fence.

In a clip posted online by a local news channel, a police officer in Jacksonville is seen attempting to arrest a man for trespassing on private property while the woman, who is also a police deputy, is filming.

The woman is heard screaming: “This is not a police matter, this is a private property matter.”

The officer in question, identified as Officer Ryan Mathers, was also heard saying: “I’m not here to interfere with this.

I’m not gonna let them do this to me.”

After Mather’s attempt to arrest the man, the woman is seen on the ground holding her legs above her head.

After another officer tries to pull the man out of the car, Mather continues to yell: “Get the f*** out of my car!”

Mathers was later seen with his trousers still on as he exited the car.

While the incident is being broadcast on local news channels and social media, the police department’s press office said that the officer involved was not disciplined or disciplined to any extent.

However, the department said that an internal investigation was launched after the video was shared online and the officer who was filmed was disciplined.

Police have not confirmed the extent of the officer’s punishment or what happened to the other officer who recorded the video.

(Reporting by Stephanie Pappas; Editing by Peter Cooney) More stories from Florida:

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