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Car parts and spare parts are getting cheaper all the time, but if you’re a long-time car fan, the idea of having to buy and buy and buying again for your next car may not be so appealing. 

The new Liao Care car part retailer is trying to change that. 

Liao has announced plans to start selling car parts directly online, rather than through traditional car stores and car parts retailers.

The company has also announced plans for a new service for people who are looking for parts or spare parts to be repaired or replaced.

The new service, called CarPart, is being developed with help from Google, Apple, Ford, Volvo, and other automotive partners.

The idea is to offer people who want to buy parts for their cars a simple and seamless way to find them.

In addition to Liao, the company is also partnering with Ford and Volkswagen, among others.

The CarPart service will include a range of parts that are available from the major car manufacturers, as well as parts that Liao is making available for its own customers. 

The service will also have a “shopping cart” section that will allow you to choose from a wide selection of parts for your car, including spare parts, air bags, brake pads, wheel spacers, and airbags.

Liao says that this “shoppers cart” is different than the “car parts cart” that is offered by traditional car parts stores, which is designed to be a way for customers to buy the parts that they need to complete their car’s build.

“We want to offer the best in car parts that you can find online,” Liao CEO Daniel Groskowitz said in a press release.

“And with this new service we want to bring you great deals on all your car needs, including the most expensive parts you’ll ever need.”

The company says that it plans to offer both a shopping cart and a car parts cart in the future, so that people can choose to purchase parts in both places.

The service is slated to launch this summer.

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