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A new Apple Care report shows that the company’s car care business is not only collecting data about the privacy of Apple customers, it is also selling it to police departments across the United States.

The company has been working with police departments to identify and monitor the location of its devices to help them catch criminals, crack down on theft and help with public safety.

According to a new report from the consumer watchdog group Public Citizen, AppleCare is using its massive data set of nearly 7.5 billion devices to track the movements of people and vehicles across the US.

The report says that AppleCare uses its data to monitor the movements and movements of millions of Apple users and their vehicles.

This is happening even when Apple devices are not being used, the report says.

It also shows that Apple is not using the data to track specific individuals or vehicles.

The group says that this data collection violates the law by being used to spy on people and private property.

The reports claims that Apple has a history of engaging in data collection in the US, with the report noting that Apple and the US Marshals Service “have shared data with the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and local police departments in the past.”

The report alleges that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating the AppleCare use of data for the purpose of criminal investigations.

It says that the DOJ is also reviewing the way Apple treats its customers’ data, and is looking into the use of AppleCare data to build a case against Apple.

Public Citizen said in a statement:We know that Apple cares deeply about the safety of its customers and its products, and it is unconscionable for the company to engage in this type of data collection.

AppleCare should be using its power to help protect Apple customers from criminals and to keep our communities safe from those who threaten our way of life.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Al Jazeera.

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