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Microsoft and its Nokia partner, Finnish electronics manufacturer Nokia, have filed a lawsuit against Google over the Android operating system.

In the suit, the companies claim Google has infringed patents they claim were created for the “development and use of a wireless communication application” (WiFi), which would allow smartphones to be used as “personal computers.”

Google’s patents cover various aspects of how WiFi works and how wireless networks are structured.

“Google has infringe Nokia’s patents on WiFi, and has violated Nokia’s right to a fair trial,” Nokia said in the lawsuit.

“The parties have agreed to seek judicial review of the outcome of these proceedings, which will include an expedited decision in light of the facts and law,” it said.

“We are extremely confident that we will prevail and we intend to use our unique experience in this field to help Google understand how to comply with Nokia’s patent and trade secrets law and to defend our position vigorously,” Nokia added.

“For example, in the past year we have successfully used our patent portfolio in the U.S. and abroad to protect our IP rights and ensure that we can continue to innovate in the field of wireless communications,” the suit reads.

The suit follows Google’s filing of a similar lawsuit last year.

Google and Nokia both have a long history in the wireless space.

Nokia’s flagship Nokia 15 smartphone was launched in 2005 and Google released the Android OS in 2006.

The two companies have a strong history of developing wireless products and have been active in wireless in general.

Nokia is one of the few companies that has successfully used wireless technology in mobile phones.

Nokia said it has sold more than 1.4 billion handsets and more than 4 billion tablets, including in China.

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