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The cereal maker Kellogg’s has come under fire for its use of cereal bags, which have been used in schools for decades, in which students are strapped into the bags for school activities.

The bags are used to hold nuts and other nuts that are often in the form of little plastic tubes, making them easier to grab than other snack bags, such as those made by Kraft.

In a statement, the company said the bags are made of polyethylene plastic, which is lighter and more flexible than other types of packaging.

“Kellog’s use of polyester packaging in its cereal bag is intended to allow the product to be carried on school bus trips, and is not meant to be used for school-based events,” the company wrote in the statement.

“The use of these products is not intended to serve as a substitute for proper school packaging.”

In a series of posts, The Associated Press looked at the history of the bags and how they were used by schools around the country.

For example, one of the earliest schools to use a cereal bag was the University of South Carolina in Charleston.

In the 1930s, the university was in the midst of a massive student strike.

In response, the students organized a campaign to raise funds for their teachers.

They called the bag the “sister bag,” and the students put their own stamps on it to mark the school’s location on the calendar.

They also created a school logo and wrote letters to the students saying that they wanted the bags to be a symbol of their fight.

A student from the school put a sign on the back of the bag, saying, “I don’t think it is going to be long before we have to take this to school.”

The student also put a picture of the school in the back.

The letter in the center reads: “Schools have never been more vital to the health and well-being of our nation.

Now we must stand united against the spread of infectious diseases like measles, mumps and whooping cough.”

After the students were released from the university, they continued to use the bags.

“They were just the way it was,” said Mary Elizabeth Johnson, who grew up in South Carolina.

Johnson remembers seeing students put up signs on their bags saying, “$Kellogs and our other school are going to school in these new, new bags.”

Johnson, now 70, said she never really considered buying a cereal product from a school until she was around her 60s.

“I would never buy a cereal box, and it didn’t occur to me that I was going to get sick,” she said.

The first cereal bag made for schools was a white bag that students could use on their way to school.

When students saw this bag, they were amazed at how light it was, Johnson said.

“You would never see a bag with a white label that weighed less than a pound and had a black handle,” she added.

The idea was that students would hold the bags on their shoulders and use them to carry food for the rest of the day.

But Johnson and others say the bags were not meant for school use.

“When we were young, I would use the school bag for my school,” Johnson said, adding that the students she remembers from that era had the bags strapped onto their backs.

The earliest cereal bags were a little too heavy to be worn for school.

In an email, a Kellogg spokeswoman said that they have used the same design for nearly 100 years.

“In our stores, our product is carefully packaged in a variety of colors and sizes for students and staff to use at school, but for safety reasons we have been developing packaging that allows students to carry the bags in school bags.”

The company said that the new bags do not include labels or instructions, so they are easy to remember and carry for students to use for school trips.

“It is not possible to remove the original design of the cereal bag and replace it with one that is more easily accessible and easier to carry,” the spokeswoman wrote in an email.

In another example, a company called Dennys has been using a cereal packaging called the K-M-L product since 1999.

The packaging was first designed for school lunches and was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s, according to the company.

In 2001, a new product called the Dennies K-MO-L was introduced.

It’s a white box with a plastic backing and a plastic handle.

“Dennys K-ME-L is the world’s first school bag,” the KOM-L label says.

The company also has other products that are designed to be accessible to students.

In 2004, a school-sponsored project called the Kellogg School Bag Challenge was launched to help schools create their own school-friendly bags.

In its first year, the program raised $1.5 million for scholarships and other projects.

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