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Apple has been on a buying spree in the music industry, selling $7 billion worth of new music over the past three years.

That includes music from artists like Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Ellie Goulding.

But Apple is also a major investor in several music startups, including Beats, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

The companies share a number of investors, including Google and Andreessen Horowitz, but they’re not the only companies that have been acquiring music startups.

And there are other players in the business as well.

Google has been an investor in the streaming music startup Pandora, and Spotify has been buying up smaller companies, such as the subscription music service Beats Music, for as much as $4 billion.

And now Apple is in the midst of a new acquisition spree.

The tech giant has acquired Beats, one of the most popular music streaming services in the U.S. Apple has made a number on Beats over the years, including an acquisition in 2015 of the company for $3.5 billion.

But it’s also acquired music streaming service Spotify and the popular Beats Music streaming app in 2017.

These acquisitions have raised questions about whether Apple is really buying up the music ecosystem that it bought.

And while it’s possible Apple is buying Beats and Spotify for the same reason it bought Pandora in 2015, there are a few major differences between these deals.

Beats was purchased by Apple in 2015 for $2 billion.

Spotify was acquired by Google in 2017 for $5.5 million.

While Apple is not the biggest investor in music companies, its buying spree is quite large.

Apple was one of only three companies to make a billion dollars in one year.

But that wasn’t because of Beats Music.

Beats had the second-highest annual revenue growth of all music streaming companies in 2017, and was a top-10 digital music streaming company in 2018.

Spotify also had a strong year, with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, and made a net profit of $2 million.

Spotify’s success was largely a result of the success of the Beats Music service, which has more than 1 billion active users.

Apple, however, is not Apple Music.

Apple Music launched in 2017 and is available on nearly all major streaming services, but it is a standalone product, not a part of the Apple ecosystem.

This means that the company is not part of Apple’s music ecosystem.

So while Beats has been gaining attention from other players, it is Apple that is buying it.

Spotify is a service that Apple purchased in 2018 for $1.7 billion.

Apple is now the sole owner of Spotify, with all other companies owning a percentage of the streaming service.

But the deal will also affect other music services that are currently in the works.

Apple also bought Beats in 2017 because it felt Beats Music was a “must-have” music streaming product for its iPhone and Mac.

But since Apple is selling the music services through Apple Music’s iTunes app, Beats Music will be unable to be integrated into iTunes, which means that Apple Music will have to compete with other streaming services on its own.

Apple bought Beats Music in 2017 as a “one-stop-shop” for streaming music.

But in 2018, Spotify will become a standalone service, and that means that Spotify will have more to compete on.

Apple’s plan will allow Apple Music to expand into a much larger audience, but also means that Beats will have a much smaller share of the music streaming market.

Apple will likely have to buy more of the remaining smaller players in order to make up for the loss of Spotify.

Apple wants to create a better experience for users and businesses.

But Spotify will be able to compete head-to-head with a number more services, as well as other players that have already begun building music services.

Spotify has made it clear that it will continue to build its music service after the purchase.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the future of Spotify will depend on how well Apple Music works and how well the service performs against competitors.

Spotify said it plans to “work with Apple on any major new services that we are working on in the future.”

Apple, on the other hand, said in a statement that “Spotify is a part-owned and operated company and cannot be acquired by Apple.”

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