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The car rental industry has a lot to be thankful for, especially in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Florence.

While we’ve had the biggest hurricane in a quarter-century and many businesses have closed their doors, we’ve also seen car rental companies thrive.

According to data from, nearly 3.5 million cars were rented out in 2017 and the number is expected to rise this year.

While car rental firms like Car2Go have struggled with a high rental vacancy rate during the storms, they’ve also found ways to boost revenue.

For example, Car2go has recently announced a deal with Lyft that allows people to rent out their cars for up to $2.50 per minute, or $25 in total.

In addition, a new car rental company called Car2Drive has added $2 car rental packages to its service.

This service has a new name, Car 2Drive for Less, and is now available in select states and cities.

Another major company, ZipCar, has made some big changes this year, too.

In November, the company announced that it would be rolling out a new model that allows users to rent their cars to the same company that owns the car they’re using.

In this model, you rent a car to the company that operates it, like ZipCar.

In other words, you lease your car and then use that car to rent a Lyft ride.

This new Car 2Go option, however, is only available in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

While the ZipCar service is a great option for car rental professionals, its a limited and expensive option for consumers.

Car2Go and ZipCar are both still available for $7.99 per hour and $2 per minute respectively, according to the Car2GO website.

In addition, ZipCars now offers an option called ZipCar Express.

This car rental service allows customers to rent cars for an extra $25 per hour or $2 a minute.

This is a nice way to save on car rental fees while also getting extra miles.

For the time being, there are two new car rentals available to rent for less.

In New York, Zipcars is offering a one-hour rental for $4.99, and in Los Angeles, Car1Drive is offering one-day rentals for $9.99.

For an additional $2 you can rent a $1.00 car, which is the same price as a one night stay in a car rental facility.

More to come in this article.

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