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Christmas is a time to put your creative talents to the test and make a new, customised barbie.

And if you’re like us, you’ve probably spent months tinkering with the look and feel of your favourite barbie, trying to figure out what it looks like best from the outside.

This guide will help you choose a few barbies for Christmas, and we’ll show you how to make your own!


Choose the right size barbie 2.

Choose your colour scheme 3.

Choose an accent colour 4.

Choose which accessories to attach to the barbie bar 5.

Add accessories to your favourite toy barbie (no strings attached) 6.

Make your own barbie ornament and display stand Here’s how to get started: Choosing the right colour scheme When it comes to creating a new barbie object, we like to pick a colour scheme that matches the theme of your new toy, which we think will complement the colour scheme of your Christmas tree, and your decor.

This will give you the best chance of seeing your Christmas toy at its best, without spoiling anything!

We’re using an old school grey colour scheme to try and give the toy a more festive feel, and it works wonderfully!

The more we love the colour palette, the more we’ll add it to our decor.

We’re also using a colour neutral palette, to make sure that the colour isn’t overpowering, or too saturated.

If you have any questions, let us know below.

Here’s what we mean by the grey colour palette: Grey is a neutral colour.

It means that it doesn’t match any colour scheme.

Grey is usually found in shades of grey.

It’s very neutral, so it works well for many things.

It also doesn’t have any colour cast to it, so you can wear it without looking strange.

You can use grey as a tone in a bright colour, to add a sparkle or contrast to the colour.

Grey also gives it a warm glow, so people can wear grey without looking too shiny or overly sparkly.

So it works really well for accessories, such as a bow, a bow and arrow, or even a bar.

Grey can also be used in darker colours, such a black and white, as the light is darker than the dark.

This makes it a great choice for children and teenagers, so they can play with it and look different without looking like they’re wearing a silly outfit.

Grey works really beautifully for barbies.

It makes them pop.

Grey lets you wear different colours at different times, without looking messy.

Grey makes it easy to match colours, so if you’ve got a lot of colour schemes and don’t want to do a lot with it, then grey can be a good option.

Grey has an easy to use gradient effect.

It works well in all shapes and sizes, and you can even put different colours on your barbie in different ways.

The gradient effect works best when you apply the gradient to your object first, and then use it to create the gradient on the bar.

You’ll notice the gradient effect when the gradient is applied to the outside of your toy.

The more gradient you apply, the lighter the object will appear.

The barbie will look very similar to the grey bar that you have, so choose the colour that works best for you.

The colour that you choose will depend on how your colour palette is set up.

For example, if you have a lot on grey barbies, you’ll want to go with a grey colour, as it gives a subtle contrast.

However, if your colour schemes are set up to be more vibrant, you can choose a bright or neutral colour to colour your barbies with.

So, if grey is your colour, you should choose a colour that matches your colour theme.

Grey colour scheme for children Here are some tips on colour scheme preferences: Grey has a very neutral colour tone, so is easy to wear and doesn’t stand out from the rest of the toy barbies available.

Grey means it’s neutral and doesn.t have any colours cast to the toy.

Grey gives it an appealing glow and a warm feel.

Grey adds warmth to objects by adding a sparkly or subtle glow to them.

It gives a warm, modern feel to an object.

Grey and light grey are great for children’s toys.

The bright, grey-toned colours will help children get into their toys.

Grey tones are also great for kids.

It helps them to make faces when they see their friends, or when they play with their friends.

If your colour palettes are set with more vibrant colours, you will also want to pick an easier colour for your children to play with.

Light grey is great for toys that are small, like barbies or dolls.

Light gray makes toys feel more lively and colourful.

It adds a spark to toys and adds an appealing look to them without being too bright or too bright.

Light Grey is best for toy barbs that are meant to

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