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Toyota’s RAV family of cars is getting a refresh, and it looks like it might be a whole lot of fun.

The new RAV 4 will be the company’s first hybrid, as well as a hatchback.

The RAV 5 will be a full-size SUV.

And the RUV Hybrid, which will go on sale later this year, will be an entirely new SUV that looks like a hybrid but actually runs on gasoline.

The rest of the RVA family of vehicles will also get updates.

The first is the ROV-4, which is the first of the company ‘s all-new SUVs.

The car is meant to replace the current RAV SUV, which has already received a makeover.

The SUV’s new look is all about being smaller and lighter, but also about using the Rovio technology that powers the REVO concept to create a new kind of driver experience.

“The ROV4 is an SUV that is meant for everyday use, and is also a hybrid,” said Mike Karp, head of product management for Toyota’s electric and hybrid vehicle business.

The name of the new vehicle isn’t announced, but it will be called the RIVA Hybrid.

“You’ll get a really sleek design with a lot of power and performance, and an all-wheel-drive capability, which allows you to go anywhere you want on the highway,” he said.

“It’s a truly compact vehicle.”

The new SUV will have the same front fascia as the current model, but the rear is a bit narrower and wider, and there’s also a shorter wheelbase and more room for the driver.

It will be more than half the size of the current SUV, but still about half the weight.

It also won’t be the first RAV, but this is the most compact version of the car.

“What we’re really excited about is the hybrid capability,” Karp said.

The hybrid technology is an evolution of the fuel cell technology Toyota already uses on the R1 and R2 SUVs and in the Lexus RX 350h crossover, the company said.

In the R2, Toyota added a hybrid system that uses the hydrogen gas from the engine.

The latest RAV Hybrid also features a new battery that has been optimized for electric driving, which the company says can reduce the car’s overall range by 20% or more.

“There are a lot more batteries available than before, so you can go longer, because you can actually get the battery up to the 100kWh mark,” KARP said.

And while the Riva Hybrid will not be the only RAV with an all electric drivetrain, Toyota is already planning to bring an electric version of its all-electric SUV, the RVI Hybrid.

That SUV will be introduced sometime in 2019, but Karp wouldn’t confirm whether that vehicle would come with an electric drive.

“We haven’t decided on the pricing yet,” he told me.

The company also is planning to introduce the RVO, which it says is the world’s first all-Electric SUV.

That vehicle will debut in 2021, and will be powered by an all new engine that uses all-terrain braking, and the company expects to get around 1,000 miles of range per charge.

But it will also feature all-electronic driving, meaning the driver has to be actively engaged while using the system.

The other RAV that will see an update is the company’ new Hybrid.

This is a new SUV based on the companys new all-carbon-fiber RAV Concept, which debuted at the Paris Motor Show.

The Hybrid will be built around the RTV-4 platform, which was announced last year, and based on Toyota’s new hybrid platform.

This means it will feature a more compact layout and a larger battery pack, along with a new, all-metal body that will feature more aluminum and a carbon-fibre shell.

It’ll be about 40 percent lighter than the current version, but will be able to get an additional 6 percent more power and 10 percent more energy than its predecessor.

“If you’re a Toyota fan, you’ll be very excited,” KARP said.

It’s a bold move, as the company has made big announcements about its plans for the future, but with the RVAs current lineup of vehicles, it’s difficult to know if this is a real attempt to differentiate the SUV from the RVs current offerings.

But at the very least, it could be a good sign for the company as it tries to expand its offerings.

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