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How to read the news, where to find it, and how to protect yourself and your family article What if you don’t have a car?

What if your car is lost or stolen?

And what if you live in a home that has no gas and/or electric power?

Here are five things to know about losing your home and car:1.

What to do when your home is lost, stolen, or destroyedHow to protect your home from losing or stealing when you lose it, stolen it, or destroy itHow to find your home when your car has been stolen.1.

When to call 911 or your local policeIf you’re not sure whether to call police, here are five steps you can take:1) Call your local emergency services center (such as 911 or 911D).

The police can call the nearest dispatch center and then dispatch the first officer to your location.2) If your home has been damaged or your home owner has been charged with an offense, call the police.3) If you live with someone who has been injured or killed and you can’t get them to come to the emergency room, call 911.4) If a friend or family member has been hurt or killed, you should call 911 to report the accident.5) If there are no police officers on your property, you can contact a local fire department or police department and have them investigate the cause of the fire.1.)

How to find out if you’re lost and if you should report itTo find out whether you’re in the U.S. or not, call 1-888-LOST ( or text TIP610 with the word LOST to 27669.

If you can find the missing person, you’ll get an automated phone call, a text message or an email, with instructions to report to the nearest law enforcement agency.2.)

How you report a lost car or homeTo report a car or a home lost or destroyed, contact the local law enforcement office or dispatch center listed on the map.3.)

How long the missing persons report isThe police will provide you with a list of the missing individuals and the period of time for them to provide information.

If the police provide you this information, the missing individual may be contacted within five days.4.)

How the missing is reportedWhen the missing report is complete, you will get an email with the missing information, a notification that the missing had been contacted by the police, and the details about how the missing may be identified.5.)

How much is the missing amountThe police report will detail the total amount that was reported to the missing, including the amount reported to you, your total compensation and any other financial loss.

If you need additional assistance, call or text your local law enforcment office or your nearest dispatch centers to learn how to help.

For more on lost property and vehicles, visit this page of the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Center (NLETC).

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