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A new kind of car is about to get a whole lot cheaper.

The Nissan Leaf is expected to cost about $30,000 less than the Toyota Prius.

The difference in price is expected by automakers to save consumers about $5,000 per year.

Nissan is selling the new model at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

The new Leaf will be available this year for about $25,000.

It’s not just a matter of cost.

There’s a new way of thinking about car ownership.

Nissan says it’s made some changes that will make it easier to find and keep a new car.

For example, the company said it will now require owners to pay more attention to the car’s maintenance records.

That includes installing more fuel efficient catalytic converters, which make it possible for vehicles to burn more fuel.

Nissan also is making a change to how it manages the car.

It will require drivers to have a special identification tag for their car.

The tag will be used to tag the vehicle and track it on its license plate.

Nissan says this helps prevent accidents and save fuel.

There are also some changes Nissan is making to the way it calculates the miles a car can go.

That’s because the carmaker will use the new car as a starting point for calculating its annual maintenance payments.

Nissan said the changes will save about $1,000 a year in annual maintenance costs.

The new car will be on sale at dealerships this fall.

The Leaf is scheduled to go on sale later this year.

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