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Car dealerships in the Republic of Ireland have been accused of taking advantage of a loophole in the European Union’s anti-monopoly rules, by charging higher prices for cars made by other carmakers.

Read moreThe European Union recently tightened its rules for the sale of car parts and technology, so that competitors have to offer similar products.

But the European Commission recently proposed rules that would require car dealers to be less expensive for their customers.

The proposed rules have been opposed by car manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, and Renault.

The EU says the rules are needed to prevent carmakers from monopolising the supply of parts for cars.

But car dealers say they are just doing what the EU wants.

In a recent report, Car Manufacturers and Traders Association (CMTA) said that if these new EU rules are adopted, it could increase the cost of buying cars in Ireland from €3,000 to €11,000.

According to CMTA, the €3k price tag is not a reflection of how much time and effort consumers put into their cars.

Instead, it’s a reflection on the cost per unit of labour and material that the manufacturers have to invest in developing the car.

The average cost of a new car in the EU is around €11k, but the average price of a car is higher in the UK, where the average cost is around £27,000, according to research firm YouGov.

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