Daihatsu Feroza: All You Need to Know About This Car

Daihatsu is well-known by the public as one of the oldest automobile manufacturers that produced a lot of legendary cars. In fact, this Japanese-based factory is notable for producing entry-level compact automobiles such as the Daihatsu Feroza. How long has the adventure of this legendary car until it made it happen today?

Scroll down this article to get to know more about this legendary car from Daihatsu.

Daihatsu Feroza Overview

Many automobile manufacturers have been producing and introducing their incredible products to the public. The one that is also already doing this program is one of the automobile factories based in Japan known as Daihatsu. This one factory apparently has a bunch of legendary cars until these days.

Thereafter their success in manufacturing various cars, Daihatsu eventually introduced their compact SUV named Daihatsu Feroza. This car actually is a legendary car since its very first version was built at the end of 1989 and early 1990s. 

Feroza has two versions of engine specifications from year to year. The first version was built from around 1991 to 1994 with key specifications. This version has 1589 cm3/97 cu-in along with the ability to horsepower up to 95 PS/94 HP/70kW. Moreover, its fuel consumption is economically affordable up to 10 L/100 kilometers.

Additionally, the second version of this legendary car is the one which was built from 1994 to 1998. Following the last version, the second version comes with the same engine displacement as the first one. 

Regardless, its length is 380.0 cm which is 2.0 cm longer than the first version. The curb weight of each version also varied. The first one comes with 1206 kg for the curb weight, meanwhile, the next version has 1125 kg. 

Types of Daihatsu Feroza

In fact, Daihatsu provided two types of Feroza that were produced in various years with particular specifications. Those two types are the Daihatsu Feroza F300 Series and F70 Series. Read below for the further explanation.

1. Daihatsu Rugger F70

Daihatsu Feroza was born as an off-road vehicle named Daihatsu Rugger F70 which was produced between 1984 and 2002. The type of F70 refers to which model is designed. It is called F70 for the diesel series and F80 for the petrol series.

The first model which was sold from around 1984 to 1993 had a short wheelbase form with an adjustable soft top. An Improved appearance for Rugger Wagon makes it possible to carry more than 6 people in the back while facing each other in the passenger position. 

Additionally, the Daihatsu Feroza appeared with three options for engine type. Those three options are the Toyota 2.0 L 3Y with a petrol engine, 2.8 L with a diesel engine, and turbocharged.  

Toyota 2.0 L 3Y can produce 65 kW or 87 hp; 88 PS with a single carburetor. On the other hand, the 2.8 L diesel engine expected can produce 54 kW or 72 hp; 73 PS. For the last one, the turbocharged model can produce the same quantity as the 2.0 L 3Y version which is 65 kW (87 hp; 88 PS). 

2. Daihatsu Feroza F300 Series

What’s more, Rocky was a nickname for Daihatsu Feroza F300 Series which had a built-in 16-valve four-cylinder petrol engine. It is also incredibly designed with three models available, those are 2WD, 4WD Low, and 4WD High. The 4WD is available with a lockable inter-axle but unable to make a transfer case of the low gear. 

Rocky was the first mini SUV that was introduced by Daihatsu in Japan during the 1980s. This type is also capable of producing 55-77 kW or the same as 74-103 hp; 75-105 PS in Japanese manufacture. 

Nonetheless, in overseas markets including Australia, Europe, and Latin America, this model comes with an impressive fuel injection engine. It is capable of reaching 5,700 rpm with 70 kW (94 hp;  95 PS). In addition, it may probably reach up to 6,000 rpm with 63 kW or 84 hp; 86 PS. 

Moreover, the only available model in Australia is the multi-point fuel injection engine system. Rocky in Australia had a decreased system than the Japanese model. Australian Rocky is only capable of producing 70 or 77 kW (94 or 103 hp; 95 or 105 PS). For this reason, this model was replaced by the Terios series in 1998.

Around the 1990s, the Rocky EV was born as an electrically-powered engine version developed by Kansai Electric Power Company. This engine system is capable of pushing 20 kW (27 hp; 27 PS) with an electrical motor. Additionally, it is able to increase speed up to 90 km/h. 

Categories of Daihatsu Feroza

You need to know that Rocky has been categorized into two. Those two categories are hardtop models which were produced in 1994-1998 and the soft top produced in 1995-1998. Below is the explanation:

1. The Hardtop Model

This legendary car is the best option for you who want to have a small vehicle yet able to go off-road. Iconic rectangular headlights and a black grille are enough to attract more attention on the road. Moreover, the most superior feature is its adjustable hard-top.

Unfortunately, this model did not provide a good engine facility that pushed Daihatsu to join Toyota as a stakeholder. Toyota provides a 1.6-liter Toyota engine system within this car. This engine system is able to provide a great experience for having an off-road car. 

2. The Soft Top Model

However, this legendary car was economically affordable as an off-road car with a squared-looking appearance. Fully open top in the rare passenger able to make you enjoy the view since it is always open. Yet, it will be so much struggle if rain is coming. 

In this case, the company decided to add a tiny trunk to maintain the canvas you put on there to prevent rain. The flat area on the top is also great for carrying a surfboard there. 

Adventurous Story of Legendary Car 

Being a legend always makes something look so cool along with amazing features that are so useful for you. One of the popular legendary cars with a great deal as a small car and off-road vehicle is the Daihatsu Feroza. Although this car apparently looks old, it’s still in the high era with a lot of improvements. 

Rocky is a well-known name nowadays and it is this legendary car nickname actually. The old one was raised with a cool body look, improved features, and increased engine capability. So, put more interest in the new Feroza these days and experience a great adventure with this legendary vehicle!

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