Daihatsu Rocky: The Extra Improvement of Legendary Vehicle

Being an automobile manufacturer and joining Toyota to be a major stakeholder pushed Daihatsu to bring huge improvements to their products. Especially the legendary car named Daihatsu Rocky which has been famous since the first generations. Here this article will discuss that legendary car for you!

Daihatsu Rocky Highlight Overview

Historically, this vehicle was born with the name Daihatsu Feroza in the late 1980s to early 2000s. F300 and F70 Series were the first generation and have been called by various names. In several countries, it has nicknames such as Rugger, Fourtrak, Feroza, Taft, and Sportrak. 

This vehicle has a great combination of SUV and off-road concept in one body. Additionally, the series has got a facelift on its body, a widened suspension system, and seat material improvements from the latest series. Improvement also occurred on the rear wheel arches that were concealed with fender flares.

Further, around 2017, the development occurred by Daihatsu with an updated design for the current Daihatsu Rocky. The older series which are F300 and F70 have been replaced by the A200 series which is only available in Japan. In addition, the A250 series is built for the Indonesian market with less than 1.7 meters in width.

The body design of the A250 series is built stronger with a rear bumper, and a metal tailgate, and is slightly wider than the A200 series. Nonetheless, the same improvement is required for Perodua Ativa which is used in the Malaysian market.

Development Market

Daihatsu Rocky has been developed into several major markets including Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Various enhancement sets depend on the series it is born to be called. For instance, in the Japanese market, it is A200, in Indonesian it is called A250, and Perodua Ativa in the Malaysian market.

1. Japan Market

Daihatsu Rocky distributed in the Japanese market has various series such as L, X, G, and Premium. However, the G and Premium series were removed by Premium G grade in November 2021. All series are suitable with a 1KR-VET engine, yet the front wheel for this car has been replaced with a WA-VE engine. 

In the same month, the hybrid electric series was introduced to the public with two grades including X and Premium G. Nevertheless, there is a minor enhancement to the body and exterior for this series rather than the latest series. 

In addition, there is a blue accent given for the badges and an additional badge which is the e-Smart Hybrid. 

2. Indonesian Market

Joining Toyota as their stakeholder, Daihatsu followed Toyota to release a similar series of SUV vehicles. Alongside Toyota Raize, Daihatsu Rocky was introduced in the Indonesian market on April 30th, 2021. 

In the Indonesian market, this model is offered in several series such as the M, X, and R series. WA-VE engine capability is applied on the M and X series. In addition, the R series carried a manual transmission or CVT engine and 1KR-VET unit system. 

In this country, the price of each type costs as follows:

  • 1.2 M MT (Rp 207,45 Million/$13,325)
  • 1.2 M CVT (Rp 225,35 Million/$14,474)
  • 1.2 X MT (Rp 221,50 Million/$14,227)
  • 1.2 X MT ADS (Rp 228,65 Million/$14,686)

3. Malaysian Market

What’s more, the Malaysian market model offered A270 as the main model code with the name Perodua Ativa. This model comes with a turbocharged engine system and CVT. Perodua Ativa offers three kinds of series which are the X, H, and AV. Nonetheless, all series carried the same 1KT-VET engine system.

Specific varied features are required in this model than the A200 and A250 series with higher and firmer suspension setup. Ativa’s body apparently is also otherwise with the other series which is 70 mm long, 20 mm wide, and 15 mm tall. 

Daihatsu Rocky Generations

Through the years, this vehicle has been reborn into generations until it looks more compatible these days. Daihatsu Rocky has been improving its engine, capability, and its material for the body and seat model. See the growing generation of this car down below.

1. First Generation (F300 Series)

The first generation of Daihatsu Rocky was born between 1989 to 1990 powered by a 16-valve four-cylinder petrol engine system. This combination makes this vehicle the best option for small cars that are also able to do off-road activity. 

Born with three types available: 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD Low with adjoining selectors to the gear stick. Additionally, a lockable inter-axle system is available for the full-time 4WD model without the low gear needed in the transfer case. 

This car has the ability to power in a range of 55 to 77 kW. In this case, this car could produce 74 up to 103 hp of total engine output and 75 up to 105 PS. However, there is a model that can reach 70 kW or 94 horsepower and 95 PS at 5,700 rpm. The 6,000 rpm is possible to reach with 63 kW (84 hp and 86 PS).

Thereafter, in 1990, this car had improved to 20 kW of its engine, or 27 horsepower and 27 PS. The electrical motor engine can run up to 90 km/h or 56 mph. This ability could be steady in speed at 40 km/h (25 mph) to reach up to 200 km. Additionally, the four-wheel drive makes this car climb over 20% slope.

2. Second Generation (A200)

These days, Daihatsu Rocky was reborn into an A200 series that is powered by a turbocharged engine system 996 cc 1KR-VET. Inline three petrol engine systems could produce up to 72 kW or 97 horsepower and 98 PS. 

A good transmission system makes this car capable of producing 140 Nm or 103 ft-lbs of torque. In this case, the more torque in a car, the greater or stronger amount of engine power could be produced. 

Huge Improvement of The Legend

Been born in the late 1980s and have been upgraded until these days with incredible improvement. There it is being reborn as a convenience vehicle for you to drive with a four-wheel drive engine system. Daihatsu Rocky is also able to produce 94 horsepower as the maximum running capacity.

Furthermore, the various grade levels for the A200 series could be the best package for you to have a great car with fits in budget. For instance, the R grade of the A200 series already carried a CVT engine and 1KR-VET unit system. Rocky has been a great combination SUV vehicle for you to stroll the city!

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