4 Strengths of Daihatsu Copen and Its Evolution

Getting a new car for an easy commute may need careful consideration, but you can always include Daihatsu Copen in your choices. Copen is derived from two words, ‘compact’ and ‘open,’ which makes it unique since you can open and close its folding roof comfortably. But is that the only advantage that Copen can offer?

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Copen

For those who’d love to own a small and nice car, Copen should be on your list! Aside from its swanky exterior design, you can check the other specialties of the car in the details below!

1. A Kei Car

The small design of Copen often attracts people, as it has a toy-like chassis. Despite its size, you can still drive Copen through road tolls, and you may be able to pay cheaper taxes and insurance for the car. You can also park your Daihatsu Copen easily as it has a compact body.

And even though it’s a compact car, you’ll still be able to drive with style as it has an electric convertible roof feature. 

2. Very Ideal for Learning

Learning to drive for the first time may be challenging, but it won’t be too tricky with Copen. The visibility is excellent with its normal-sized wing mirrors; you may also see its roof perfectly through them. With Copen, you can enjoy a drive around urban areas or on a mountain road.

3. Premium Model

The new 2014 Daihatsu Copen came with a premium model, providing CFRP roof features, BBS wheels with great strength and durability, a sports muffler, and steering wrapped in Momo leather.

Copen also has full air-conditioning, a high-performing antenna, a radio, and ABD (Automatic Brake Differential) to prevent slipping wheel during acceleration. Furthermore, the car also has an ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) to keep the wheels from locking when using the brakes.

4. Great Engine and Transmission

While considering a 660cc car because of its uniqueness, some people see that a 660cc Copen can save them a lot of money. Moreover, you can have lower taxes and have four people in the car, which can keep lower fuel prices. Filling up Copen may cost you $30, while the other vehicle will averagely cost you $70.

However, you must maintain your Daihatsu Copen regularly by changing its oil every six months. Otherwise, you may face a turbo failure that can cost you $ 1.254 for a new one or 627 USD for a used one.

The Evolution of Daihatsu Copen

As written above, owning a Copen benefits you through various aspects. Additionally, Copen also came with remarkable evolution from 1999 until 2019 as a sports kei car. Learn more about the complete models of Copen through the explanation below. 

1. Kopen 1999

The first Copen was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1999 and introduced as a little kei car in Japan under the Kopen name (with ‘k’ rather than ‘c). Kopen 1999 surprised people as it can open and close its hard top roof electronically. 

Its lightweight feature and smaller engine (from 1600cc to 659cc) also made people gradually pick this car rather than the other cars.

2. Copen 2002 (L880K)

A year later, Kopen’s name changed to Copen, as Daihatsu came up with the combination of two words, namely “Compact” and “Open”. The difference between Kopen and Copen can be seen from its diverse door mirrors, badges, interior, and roof mechanism. 

3. Daihatsu Copen SARD 2003

Daihatsu made a SARD Special in 2003, with a big rear wing, wider wheel arches, bright yellow paint, a 1,3L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and a body kit.

4. Copen Vivid 2004

In 2004, Daihatsu made Copen appear exclusive. It launched as a red-painted car with optional extras like the Momo steering wheel and tonneau cover.

5. 1st Anniversary Edition

To commemorate the Copen’s birthday, Daihatsu made a special edition of Copen, and it has tan leather heated seats and a Momo steering wheel as standard (not optional anymore). 

6. Ultimate Leather Edition (2009)

In 2007, Daihatsu made an Ultimate Edition II memorial with BBS wheels, clear tail lights, white gauges, a Chrome grille, and Recaro seats. Daihatsu kept these features while producing the 2009 Ultimate Leather Edition. The only difference is that the 2009 version has leather seats instead of Recaro seats.

7. D-X Concept

Daihatsu Copen came up with a new idea in 2011, as it produced the D-X concept which has a two-seater convertible kei car.

9. Daihatsu D-R Concept (2012)

The D-R Concept is similar to the D-X Concept but no longer has chunky fenders and bumpers. D-R Concept is also available in two versions: one is the convertible, and the other is the D-R Estate concept.

10. Kopen Concept (2013)

A D-Frame structure became the new concept of Copen. In 2013, this design excited the first Copen fans, knowing Daihatsu was still deciding to produce a kei car.

11. Daihatsu Copen LA400K (2014)

In this version of LA400K, Daihatsu made the Copen easily customized by the owners, as the new Copen has plastic body panels. Thus, it would be easily swapped out. On top of that, Daihatsu increased the wheel size by 1 inch, and they also changed the engine. 

The Copen abbreviation was also changed from ‘Compact and Open’ to ‘Community of Open Car Life.’

LA400K came in three versions: the Robe, X-Play, and the Cero which have distinction in their design appearance. The Robe was aggressive-looking; the X-Play looked like a crossover, and the Cero looked cute with its original appearance. 

13. Copen Coupe (2019)

The announcement from Daihatsu in 2019 excited people to see the new Copen, named Copen Coupe. The appearance resembled the Copen Cero LA400K, but the front bumper differed. This type of Copen Coupe is available in British Green Mica and Pearl White III.

Start Your Adventure with Daihatsu Copen Now!

Looking at why you should buy Copen as your car, are you excited to have one? Its small size doesn’t prevent you from driving via road tolls, and you can save on fuel costs and taxes. 

Furthermore, thanks to its safety features, namely the wing mirror, learning to drive in Copen will be safer for you since it allows you to see the rearview and roof. Last but not least, Daihatsu Copen also keeps up with the latest features and trends, so you can take your time to pick the best Copen for your needs. 

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