Meet The Spectacular Daihatsu Sports Car, The Daihatsu Copen

As the most notorious Daihatsu sports car, the Daihatsu Copen has many great qualities. Although the car is small in terms of size, it has luxurious features that compete with other sports cars. Moreover, the price of this car is more competitive than others. 

If you’re inquisitive about this attractive sports car, check this article below!

A Brief History of the Daihatsu Sports Car, Copen

Before we inspect the quality of this vehicle, let’s learn a brief history of this car.  

1. The First Generation

According to CarThrottle, the car initially was a concept car for exhibition at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1999. The concept depicted the car features disk brakes on all four corners, double wishbone suspension, and an electric hard top. Surprisingly, this concept gained positive feedback.

The automaker officially sold the Copen car in 2002. This car was named L880 and was initially sold in Japan as a kei car or light automobile. Also, this car has the characteristics of an engine displacement of 660 cc, a folding roof, and a left-hand driving style.

In 2003, the Daihatsu manufacturer exported the car outside Japan, like Australia and Europe. There are no significant changes in the car, except small modifications to meet the local regulations.

However, this Daihatsu began to lose its popularity. In 2009, the automaker stopped the export outside of Japan. 

Eventually, in 2012, Daihatsu officially ended the production of the Daihatsu Copen’s first generation. During this year, the automaker released the special edition of L880. This Daihatsu Copen car served as the 10th Anniversary Edition as well as the closing of the first generation.

2. The Second Generation

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, the Daihatsu revealed the next generation of the Daihatsu Copen, named LA400. This new Daihatsu sports car officially went on sale in the auto marketplace in 2014. 

The design is more angular than its predecessor. It has a monocoque chassis, D-frame. This chassis structure allows the car’s owner to design the interior and exterior based on their preferences.

Furthermore, this car features a body panel consisting of 13 separate resin components. Eleven of those components are interchangeable and allow the owner to modify the design and color of the vehicle.

Until today, Daihatsu has manufactured various models for this generation. The model cars include the Copen Cero, Coupe, and the newest GR Sport. 

The Review of the Daihatsu Sports Car, Copen

After knowing the brief history of the Daihatsu Copen, let’s move on to the quality of the car. We cover the qualities of the second generation, the Daihatsu Copen 2014. Check the explanation, as follows. 

1. Specifications

Curious about the basic specifications of the Daihatsu Copen 2014? Take a glance at the following list!

  • Dimension (l x w x h): 3,395 mm x 1,475 mm x 1,280 mm,
  • Engine type: DOHC with an intercooler turbo,
  • Engine displacement: 658 cc,
  • Wheelbase: 2,230 mm,
  • Ground clearance: 115 mm,
  • Passenger capacity: 2 seats,
  • Type of fuel: regular gasoline,
  • Transmission type: 5-speed manual.

2. Engine Performance

This Daihatsu sports car Copen 2014 features an advanced engine with a displacement of  658 cc. The type of engine is DOHC with an intercooler turbo. With this engine, the car can produce a power output of 64 hp/6,400 RPM and a maximum torque of 0.9 kg.m/4,000 RPM.

The Daihatsu Copen has a fuel capacity of 30L. Additionally, this vehicle can save fuel consumption with the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system. In general, the average fuel consumption of this car is around 20 km/L.

3. Exterior Design 

It’s the Daihatsu Copen’s trademark to highlight extravagant and elegant style. You can see on the front side of this car, there is a big trapezoid-like car grill with the color of black. Also, there are big headlights combined with vertical fog lights. These signatures of the car make it look cool.

In the side view, the car’s body looks dynamic and compact. Besides, there is a convertible roof that you can activate according to your preferences and weather. Overall, the exterior design presents a sporty and lavish style that gives you a sense of luxury.

Additionally, the Daihatsu car offers a variety of color choices. The color choices of the car include yellow met, glittering silver, and liquid silver met.

4. Interior Design

Not only does this Daihatsu sports car provide an amazing exterior design, but it also offers a stunning interior. Hence, the interior gives a sense of sporty and royal. 

Like the exterior, there are also various colors for the interior which you can choose, including black and metal color.

On the dashboard, the vehicle features advanced multimedia to help your riding. This 7-inch multimedia has a touchscreen system and provides various facilities you can use, like the GPS and audio player. Moreover, the car features a 2-DIN audio system to play your favorite music. 

The steering system is already advanced using the concept of rack and pinion. It also has additional electric power steering that allows you to gain driving control comfortably. On top of it, there is also a speedometer that gives information about the vehicle.

Talking about its capacity, there are two available seats which design’s comfortable enough to give you a great experience in riding. Furthermore, the car trunk is enough to keep two or three suitcases.

5. The Safety Features

As the spectacular Daihatsu sports car, the Daihatsu Copen provides features to secure you from danger. This car offers advanced safety systems like an Antilock Braking System (ABS) for emergency braking. Not only that, there is also an additional braking system, such as Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD).

Furthermore, the vehicle also features a dual airbag. Hence, you can minimize injury risks whenever an accident happens. 

6. Price

The price of this car can be costly on your budget. However, it is worth it since there are various features and benefits you can enjoy. 

If you want a new car, the cost can be around US$ 15,000 to $27,100. Certainly, a new car will give you a fresh experience as a driver. Moreover, all features are still functioning well. Thus, you can drive the car in its optimal condition.

Nevertheless, if your budget is in crisis, you can consider purchasing a used or second-hand Daihatsu Copen which costs you around $5,000 to $15,000. The price can vary depending on the condition of the car or taxes. You may negotiate with the seller to determine a reasonable price for the used car. 

Get Your Luxurious Ride with the Daihatsu Sports Car!

If you’re someone who loves not only comfortable but also opulent ride experience, this Daihatsu sports car will support your lifestyle with its stylish and fun design. 

Even though the size is relatively small, the features are satisfying. Along with the advanced safety systems to minimize dangerous risks, Copen presents a comprehensive feature you wish for a sports car!

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