Daihatsu YRV: Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Daihatsu YRV is the first minivan displayed in the small car segment. The production of this model was in 2000-2005, so all of the products sold now are used cars. All YRV models are provided with four electric windows and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). Are you curious about this product? Check below for more info.

About Daihatsu YRV

You can infer the concept of the YRV series from its name, Young Recreational Vehicle, combining youthful style with vivid performance and robust body. This model aims to enable more options in small car classes with sport nuances and MPV-style versatility.

Daihatsu YRV Specifications

If you’re looking for a trendy-looking car, this car is not for you. Even so, this particular model can offer more functions and utilities than its competitors. Notably, the Daihatsu YRV looks small on the outside and appears large inside. Surprisingly, there is lots of space available for such a small-looking car.

1. Body

This model has a length of 3.77 meters, a width of 1.62 meters, and a higher roofline than the average mini-car. Therefore, sitting in the rear seat won’t make you feel cramped and awful. Moreover, you can flatten the car’s rear seat to form the equivalent of a small panel van.

Meanwhile, this series has a five-door model for flexible and excellent access for passengers and baggage. The overall balance between handling and riding is well thought out for doing the tasks the vehicle is likely to carry out. Most YRVs will still be on their original tires, so it is best that you change them to a more grippier set.

2. Engine

Daihatsu YRV has a four-cylinder engine that still can fit with variable valve timing and four valves per cylinder. Moreover, the variable valve timing exists to increase the top-end power, improve fuel economy, and low-down torque to reduce exhaust emissions.

This model has two transmissions, the five-speed manual and the four-speed automatic. The five-speed one is preferable as it allows the driver to hold on to each gear and draws out more of the engine’s capacity. For the four-speed automatic, there are steering-wheel-mounted buttons you can use for manual shifting.

3. Equipment

On the other hand, the YRV has standard equipment available, such as air-conditioning, central locking (not remote), power mirrors, windows, and a stereo with a four-stacker CD player. This model also has an engine immobilizer to prevent theft.

The safety aspect is apparent from having inbuilt crumple zones, seatbelts with pre-tensioners, and standard driver and passenger airbags. When an accident happens, the doors will unlock automatically. Then, the hazard and the interior lights are on, and the fuel supply will stop to reduce the risk of the car catching on fire.

Driving Experience on Daihatsu YRV

A review from CarsGuide states that Daihatsu YRV has so much potential, especially for its performance. This series is a small city runabout that includes a lot of gears. Compared to its competitors in this vehicle’s class, YRV’s wedge-shaped body is one of the best-looking.

The car’s interior looks modern and attractive. It also has relatively comfortable seats as a reasonable amount of space is available for legs in the passenger seats. On the other hand, the driver’s seat possesses excellent adjustability for getting a good driving position.

Even though the engine is not that outstanding, it is one of the best mechanical features of the car. Under normal driving conditions, the engine is reasonably quiet. The engine can rev smoothly and freely due to the existing variable valve timing system. So, even a week of city driving merely requires more than 7 liters.

The suspension of this particular model feels fine on smooth asphalt roads. Unfortunately, the slightest bumps will come crashing through the cabin on bumpy roads. Also, the handling wasn’t that impressive. There were a lot of body rolls, front-end push, and vague steering when the tires hurried through the twisty stuff.

Common Problems of Owning Daihatsu YRV

This series is quite an old model, so it has some disadvantages that you may experience when you decide to buy this car, such as:

1. Difficult to Obtain Body Parts

You can substitute YRV’s spare parts with the Sirion or Xenia model. However, it is difficult to obtain the body parts. You can only import them from Malaysia or Singapore along with other slow-moving parts.

2. Weak Front Legs

As with many other front-wheel cars, the Daihatsu YRV is quite fragile on its legs. Therefore, it is advisable to slow down the vehicle’s speed when passing through bumpy and uneven roads to ensure the legs can last longer.

3. Ownership Cost

Please note that the YRV model isn’t as cheap as you think. It isn’t that expensive either, but the used car prices are on par with the more mainstream, higher-profile rivals. The running costs aren’t too bad because the 1.3-liter engine can run for 47.1 miles on a gallon of fuel.

Prices for Daihatsu YRV

Here is a table for the price of Daihatsu YRV, including all models produced from 2001 to 2005.

YearSpecsPrice fromPrice to
20051.3L, ULP, 4 SP$2,640$4,070
20041.3L, ULP, 4 SP$2,640$4,070
20031.3L, ULP, 4 SP$2,640$4,070
20021.3L, ULP, 4 SP$2,640$4,070
20011.3L, ULP, 5 SP MAN$2,420$4,070

Advice for New Buyers

The components used in the YRV model have already been tried and tested in other Daihatsu models, suggesting that there is no indication they become any less solid in YRV. Moreover, the engine source is Toyota, one of the most dependable car makers, so it isn’t likely to cause any trouble.

The biggest concern lies with the dealers. Some frustrated owners are complaining about the scarcity and distance of every dealer. Some of the dealers also indicate that they lack expertise. Therefore, please be careful if you have any business with the dealers. 

Are You Convinced to Buy the Daihatsu YRV Series?

Before purchasing a Daihatsu YRV, you must consider all the pros and cons of owning the car. Nevertheless, the choice of whether or not to purchase the car is still yours to make. Always buy your vehicle from trusted dealers and confirm that the price is worth your money!

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