A Complete Review of the Daihatsu Charade GTti: Specs and More

When considering buying a car like the Daihatsu Charade GTti, people usually check what makes it special. This small car is still popular, even though some versions are over 20 years old – some are nearly 40! 

Initially, Daihatsu wasn’t interested in making sedan-type cars. But things changed when there was a high demand for hatchback sedans in Japan and other Asian countries. Moreover, it has several versions sold. So, let’s explore what makes this car stand out!

Overview of Charade GTti

The Daihatsu Charade GTti is a small car that was made in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It’s a type of hatchback, which means it has a door at the back that opens upwards. People liked this car a lot because it was small but had a powerful engine that made the driving experience more refreshing. 

This car had a special engine called a 3-cylinder DOHC engine with a charger. The engine itself was not very big in size, but it was really strong. It could up to 105 horsepower, which is pretty good for a small car like the Charade GTti. Hence, driving it was quite exciting because it could go fast.

It was also easy to handle because it came in small size and had a front-wheel-drive system. That specification helped the car with its grip on the road and made it easier to steer. Even though it was small, Charade GTti could comfortably fit four people inside. 

Daihatsu Charade GTti Specifications

The car uses petrol as fuel. Additionally, its engine size is 993 cm3 (which is about 60.6 cubic inches), and has three cylinders in a row. Moreover, the engine’s power is 101 horsepower (PS), which is the same as 100 horsepower (HP) or 74 kilowatts (kW). 

Furthermore, it can produce a maximum twisting force of 130 Newton-meters (Nm) or 95 pound-feet (lb-ft). Also, the fastest it can go is 185 kilometers per hour (km/h) or 115 miles per hour (Mph). 

Lastly, when it comes to using fuel, it can travel 6.8 liters for every 100 kilometers (km). It drives, or it can do 42 miles per gallon (MPG) in the UK, and around 35 miles per gallon (MPG) in the US.

How About Its Size, Dimensions, and Weights?

The Daihatsu Charade GTti has specific measurements that define its size and weight. Transitioning into these details, the wheelbase measures 234.0 cm (92.13 in), offering a stable base for the car. Its length spans 363.7 cm (143.19 in), while the width measures 161.0 cm (63.39 in), providing dimensions suitable for urban driving. 

Additionally, the car stands at a height of 139.4 cm (54.88 in), with the front axle at 138.5 cm (54.53 in) and the rear axle at 136.5 cm (53.74 in). This composition shapes its aerodynamics, although the drag coefficient (Cx) isn’t specified. 

Moreover, the Charade GTti weighs 800 kg (1764 lbs) which showcases a weight-to-power ratio of 7.9 kg/hp. Simply, it indicates it’s lightweight in relation to its power output.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Engine Technical Details

The Charade GTti engine is an inline 3-cylinder type, identified by the code CB-80, and it runs on petrol. Meanwhile, the fuel system used is MPI – Daihatsu EFI.

 The engine sits sideways in the car (transverse) and is placed at the front. Its size is 993 cm3 or 60.6 cup-in, with measurements of 76.0 x 73.0 mm (2.99 x 2.87 inches) for bore and stroke. 

The engine’s turbocharger is from IHI, and it’s assisted by an intercooler. Besides, the compression ratio, which is 7.8, indicates how much air-fuel mixture is compressed inside the engine. Thus, it’s capable of delivering 101 PS / 100 HP / 74 kW of power at 6500 rpm and generates a maximum torque of 130 Nm / 95 lb-ft at 3500 rpm.

The car is front-wheel drive (FWD), meaning the power from the engine is sent to the front wheels for traction. Further, its gearbox is a 5-speed manual transmission, which determines the number of gears available for shifting while driving.

Find out About Its Performance!

The Daihatsu Charade GTti has good performance numbers which can reach a top speed of 185 km/h (115 mph). When starting from 0 and going to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph), it takes 9.1 seconds.

Moreover, for a shorter distance, covering a quarter-mile (400 meters), it takes 16.8 seconds from 0. Meanwhile, to cover a longer distance of 1000 meters, it takes 29.9 seconds.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Fuel Efficiency and Range

When it comes to how much fuel it uses, the Charade GTti is quite efficient. For a mix of city and highway driving, it uses about 6.8 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers driven. 

This translates to around 42 miles per gallon (UK) or 35 miles per gallon (US).  On open roads, it’s even better, needing only 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Meaning, it equals about 54 miles per gallon (UK) or 45 miles per gallon (US). 

However, in city driving conditions, the Charade consumes a bit more fuel, using around 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers or about 37 miles per gallon (UK) or 31 miles per gallon (US).  On highways, it’s slightly higher at 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers, approximately 38 miles per gallon (UK) or 31 miles per gallon (US).

The range of this vehicle, considering its fuel tank capacity of 40 liters (around 10.6 US gallons or 8.8 UK gallons), is approximately 588 kilometers or 365 miles on a full tank. This means you can travel quite a distance before needing to refuel, making it a decent choice for longer journeys without frequent stops.

Interested in Buying the Daihatsu Charade GTti?

In conclusion, the Daihatsu Charade GTti remains a cherished gem among classic car enthusiasts for its compact design, spirited performance, and remarkable handling. With its nimble size, powerful engine, and efficient fuel consumption, this small hatchback continues to captivate those seeking a blend of excitement and practicality on the road. 

While it may have been introduced decades ago, the Charade GTti’s enduring appeal and spirited nature. All and all, this care also ensures its place as a beloved choice for those who value a thrilling driving experience in a compact package.

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