Daihatsu Taruna: Best Detail Reviews and Speculation

Daihatsu Taruna is quite popular among the adventurer club. However, it has a manly-looking car and is super fabulous. Instead of the outstanding body and material, many people choose this car since this car is very economical. Taruna is a solution due to its feature in saving fuel and purchase pricing. Below is the detail.

General Speculations of Daihatsu Taruna

The Daihatsu Taruna is an SUV designed by the popular Japanese carmaker, Daihatsu. It produced Taruna largely for the Indonesian market from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Taruna is also prevalent for its off-road skills and practicality. 

Somehow, those positive capabilities made it popular in areas where tough and adaptable cars were in demand. Taruna is typically created in a compact SUV body style, designed to handle a variety of terrains. Depending on the configuration, the Taruna could accommodate five to seven passengers. 

As discussed before, Daihatsu designed Taruna to have off-road capabilities in mind since it has features of four-wheel drive (4WD) systems. This system will navigate challenging terrains. Similarly, Taruna is available with various engine options, typically smaller displacement engines suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. 

Even though Daihatsu does not manufacture Taruna anymore, the secondhand Daihatsu Taruna automobiles are still fairly expensive. Besides, its price is ranging from 70 million to 125 million depending on the year of its production.

The Trims of Daihatsu Taruna

Daihatsu produced Daihatsu Taruna in various trims and configurations during its production period. Different trim levels often come with different features, engine options, and specifications. Here are the trims of Taruna.

1. Taruna CX

Taruna CX is a base model of Daihatsu Taruna. It has come with basic features and options. It likely includes a manual transmission and a smaller engine. In addition, CX is a medium-sized vehicle whose features are only AC, tape, and alloy wheels.

This model has a 1500-1600 cc engine with a carburetor. This type of Taruna automobile has a short chassis and the rear seats face each other. With its huge design, the car can accommodate up to 7 people. Furthermore, a single blower is still in use in it.

2. Daihatsu Taruna CX Extra

The next trim is Taruna CX Extra is an upgraded version of the CX trim. This model has included additional features such as power windows, central locking, and other convenience features. Unlike the previous model, this car includes a fuel injection system. 

The engine displacement of it is 1500-1600 cc. Taruna CX Extra also utilizes leather chairs for a more luxurious environment.

3. Taruna FL

The third type is Daihatsu Taruna FL. FL stands for Full Luxury, so this trim level might have included more comfort and convenience features. It could have featured additional interior amenities and improved styling. 

For instance, this model has a 1600 cc engine with a carburetor and a 1500 cc engine with an injection system (EFI). In addition, there are three varieties of this type. They are FL, FX, and FGX. The Type F chassis cadre is rather long. The third row, or rear bench, is facing forward.

4. Daihatsu Taruna CL

CL stands for Comfort Luxury. This type suggests a trim level that focuses on providing a more comfortable and refined driving experience. Taruna CL also features better interior materials and additional comfort options.

This edition is still the same as the previous one, but all machines have included a complete injection system. Even better, this type already has an electronic rearview mirror with a two-tone appearance.

5.  Taruna Oxxy

The last trims of Daihatsu Taruna is Oxxy. This trim level might have emphasized off-road capabilities, potentially featuring four-wheel drive (4WD) and additional off-road-oriented features. 

As a consequence of refining from the C and F series vehicles, this is the most recent and highest kind of cadet automobile. Oxxy is a word that implies “refreshment.” It is Powered by a 1500cc engine with a complete injection system. 

This type also offers a more athletic appearance with a changeable headlight, different fog lamps, and a chrome-plated grill. Depending on the color of the automobile, there are extra spoilers and body modifications available. 

This type of automobile is 4.525 mm in length, 1.620 mm in width, and 1,800 mm in height. Not to mention it also features a 2,500 mm axis distance.

Advantages of Daihatsu Taruna

Firstly, we are absolutely going to discuss the advantages. Below are the advantages of owning Daihatsu Taruna.

1. Reasonably Priced

The primary advantage of Daihatsu Taruna is their low cost. Although the price is relative, it is reasonable considering the specs and designs provided. Because this automobile is no longer manufactured, the price is highly dependent on the condition in which it is highly functional.

2. No Dropping Selling Price

The resale price is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a second automobile. One of the benefits of Taruna Automobile is the relatively consistent selling price. As long as you maintain the vehicle properly, the price will not reduce much.

3. Lots of Spare Parts Are Still Available

When purchasing an automobile, it is equally crucial to examine the availability of replacement parts. People will be positively unable to wait months for parts. The benefits of  Daihatsu Taruna include a broad assortment of spare parts, both original and imitations.

Disadvantages of Taruna

Besides the advantages, this product entirely owns its disadvantages as well. Here are the disadvantages of the Taruna car.

1. A Louder Engine Noise

The first disadvantage of Taruna is the engine noise, which is rather loud. This raucous sound is understandable given that Taruna is also an ancient vehicle. 

2. High-speed unbalance

Another flaw of the Daihatsu Taruna is that it is shaky at high speeds. This car’s aerodynamic difficulty is still an impediment.

3. Reduced acceleration

Another fault of Taruna is its slow acceleration. If you are in mind searching for cars with quick acceleration (for racing, for instance), Taruna is a poor choice. 

Purchase Daihatsu Taruna Now and Find Its Comforts!

Instead of its manly appearance, Daihatsu Taruna is popular among people due to its comforts. It offers many features while maintaining its reasonable prices. Daihatsu is no longer continuing its production, but the second-hands of it are still being what people are searching for. Then, go for the used version to experience the feature!

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