Guide to Daihatsu Cuore Key Features and Price

In the world of compact cars, the Daihatsu Cuore has managed to carve out its own niche, offering drivers a perfect blend of efficiency, style, and practicality. Hailing from the renowned Japanese automaker Daihatsu, the Cuore has been a reliable companion on the roads for years. 

Let’s take a closer look at this compact marvel, exploring its key features and what makes it stand out in the competitive automotive landscape.

Get to Know Daihatsu Cuore

Daihatsu Cuore was manufactured by Daihatsu Company from Japan. It boasts a remarkable 26-year global history, establishing itself as one of the oldest and most resilient Japanese automotive manufacturers. 

In addition, the car was renowned for delivering top-notch Japanese technology coupled with consistent reliability and performance. 

In Pakistan, Daihatsu operates under the umbrella of the Toyota Company due to the absence of exclusive Daihatsu dealerships. While Daihatsu enjoys greater popularity in Asian markets, its presence in European and other markets is comparatively modest.

The Cuore made its debut in Pakistan in 2000, offering two variants, namely CL and CX. However, in 2012, Daihatsu ceased Cuore’s production in Pakistan after a twelve-year run. During its time in Pakistan, Cuore achieved a historic milestone, becoming one of the most beloved cars in the country’s automotive landscape. 

Despite the cessation of production, Cuore continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Pakistani drivers, with numerous units still actively navigating the country’s roads. The 2012 model of Daihatsu Cuore was priced at approximately 7.5 lakh Pakistani rupees.

What Are Daihatsu Cuora’s Key Features?

Here are some key features of the Cuore that make the car worth considering for your daily ride.

1. Compact yet Spacious

The Daihatsu Cuore may be small in size, but it’s adequate in interior space. The overall length of the vehicle is 3300 mm. It has a curb weight of 640 KG and the car’s overall width measures 1395 mm, providing a boot space of 210 L. 

With an overall height of 1445 mm, the Cuore has a seating capacity of 5 persons. The wheelbase is 2300 mm, and it features 4 doors. The ground clearance is measured at 180 mm.

Additionally, the clever design of the car ensures that every inch is utilized efficiently, providing ample room for both passengers and cargo. Whether you’re navigating through city streets or embarking on a road trip, the Cuore’s compact dimensions make parking a breeze while maintaining a surprisingly spacious interior.

2. Engine and Fuel Efficiency

The Daihatsu Cuore comes with a sole engine choice, Petrol. It boasts a power output of 40 horsepower (HP) and a torque of 65 Nm, reaching a maximum speed of 160 KM/H. The Cuore offers two transmission alternatives: Manual and Automatic. With a fuel efficiency ranging from 8 to 14 KM/L, this car is equipped with a 32-liter fuel tank.

3. Safety Features of Daihatsu Cuore

The Cuore offers standard safety elements, such as three-point emergency locking retractors for both front and rear passengers. Its innovative side impact bar design enhances protection against side collisions, complemented by passenger seat belts and a dependable braking system, ensuring safety throughout your travels. 

Positioned as one of the top Japanese imports, it comes at an affordable price range, ranging from 8 to 10 lakh Pakistani rupees. The vehicle boasts improved suspension, a seamlessly controlled steering system, and commendable road performance.

4. Interior Design of Daihatsu Cuore

The interior design mirrors the simplicity of the exterior, featuring high-quality materials throughout the cabin. Furthermore, it encompasses fundamental amenities, such as an efficient air conditioning and heating system.

The Cuore also came with a high-definition sound system integrated with a media player, seating for five individuals adorned with fabric upholstery. The car has independent suspension, and rack-and-pinion steering complemented by a hydraulic pump.

5. Exterior Design of Daihatsu Cuore

The latest Cuore model showcases a sophisticated design featuring a robust metallic body that withstands various weather conditions. Available in a range of exterior colors, including white, silver, blue, black, and red, this model caters to diverse preferences. 

The front headlights are notably compact, and the company’s emblem is intricately incorporated into the front grille. The car is equipped with 12-inch steel wheels, contributing to an overall refined appearance. Additionally, it includes fog lights, front wipers, and stylishly shaped side mirrors for counted functionality and aesthetics values.

How Much Does Daihatsu Cuore Cost?

Since Daihatsu Cuore cars were mainly imported to Pakistan, many price options were in rupee. Also, the price range could vary due to the car’s condition at the time.

If you are interested in purchasing Daihatsu Cuore, you can prepare the cost starting at $2,310 to $3,850 for a range of models in Hatchback body types.

Little Tips Before Buying a Used Car

As discussed, Cuore’s production has been stopped by the company. Still, you may have an opportunity to purchase a used Daihatsu Cuore. Before purchasing a second-hand product, here are three tips you can consider before making a decision:

1. Prepare an Affordable Budget for Purchasing a Car

Determining a budget for buying a used car goes beyond identifying a monthly payment that seems manageable. While the monthly payment should indeed be within your means, it’s essential to consider the broader picture to accurately assess the total ownership cost. 

This encompasses factors such as the interest on your car loan, insurance expenses for your newly acquired vehicle, parking fees, and maintenance costs.

2. Consider the Choice of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

If you’re uncertain about venturing into the realm of used cars without warranty coverage, there’s an alternative that provides the assurance of a factory warranty. Certified pre-owned cars (CPO cars) present a fusion of the affordability associated with used cars and the security of manufacturer-backed warranty protection. 

Typically, these are low-mileage vehicles just a few years old, accompanied by service records and a clean accident history. CPO models often include cars returned at the conclusion of leases, dealership service loaner vehicles, or those driven by dealer or automaker staff.

3. Find the Best Used Car For You

Starting your exploration into purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can be effectively initiated through used-car rankings. The process involves first considering the collective viewpoints of the nation’s foremost automotive journalists. 

Then, amalgamate these perspectives with measurable data on safety, reliability, and the overall cost of ownership. Therefore, it will result in generating scores for a vast range of vehicles available in the market, spanning over the past decade. 

These scores are subsequently employed to conduct thorough comparisons of vehicles within their respective segments. It ultimately establishes their rankings based on performance and attributes.

Have You Considered Purchasing Daihatsu Cuore?

The Daihatsu Cuore stands as a testament to the ingenuity of compact car design. Its efficient performance, modern safety features, and customizable options. These options make a compelling choice for drivers seeking a reliable and practical vehicle. 

Whether you’re exploring city streets or embarking on a weekend getaway, the Cuore serves you good riding. As Daihatsu continues to innovate, we can expect the Cuore to remain a standout choice in the car world.

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