Unveiling Daihatsu Boon: Specification, Features, and Price 2023 

Daihatsu Boon is one of the Daihatsu super compact mini vehicle cars that comes with affordable prices and features. As we know, Daihatsu is one of the brands that always offers affordable and competitive prices in its class. Here are all the things you should know about this car before deciding to purchase.

All the Things You Should Know about Daihatsu Boon

The Daihatsu Boon is a subcompact vehicle manufactured by the Japanese automaker Daihatsu. The first launch was in 2004. It is designed to be a small and efficient vehicle, suitable for urban commuting and everyday use. 

Daihatsu explains that the name “Boon” originates from the English word “boon” and is additionally influenced by the playful sound Japanese children make when mimicking the noise of a car.

The Boon has undergone various updates and revisions over the years to meet changing automotive standards and customer preferences. Known for its compact size and fuel efficiency, the Daihatsu Boon is a popular choice in the subcompact car segment.

Daihatsu combines the technologies and expertise to manufacture the best mini vehicles into the Boon, transforming it into a compact car. This led to the creation of a passenger vehicle that has gained popularity among a diverse customer base because of its smart and top-notch design.

Because of the high demand for compact cars, Daihatsu has redesigned the Boon. This involves integrating technology developed for mini vehicles and creating lifestyle-oriented product offerings that cater to user needs. The objective is to enhance the overall standard of compact cars, with a focus on mini vehicles.

Specification of Daihatsu Boon

Daihatsu Boon comes with a great specification that meets the customer’s needs. Here is the basic specification that you should know before deciding to purchase.

  • Maximum Power: 69 – 133 ps
  • Fuel Consumption: 19 – 28 km/L
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Engine Capacity: 936 – 1,329 cc
  • Number of Seats: 5

These specifications come with which Daihatsu Boon version you will choose. However, if you choose the 2016 version, here is the specification and changes in the car.

  1. Achieving an impressive fuel efficiency of 28.0 km/L, the best among registered gasoline engine vehicles, and offering a budget-friendly price.
  2. Blending a maneuverable compact body with the best and most spacious interior in its class.
  3. Enhancing basic performance to deliver a smooth, high-quality ride in the city.
  4. Presenting two fashionable and accessible design options.

It claimed to be the best mini compact vehicle in its class. So, if you are looking for a mini vehicle, this car is the best option because of the perfect specifications with the best technology.

Interior and Exterior Design with the Safety Features

The car boasts a roomy and cozy interior that accommodates up to five passengers. It offers generous legroom and headroom for a comfortable experience. The vehicle is furnished with luxurious leather seats, ensuring complete comfort throughout your journey. 

Whether you’re driving with family or friends, this compact car guarantees an enjoyable ride. Its interior features include convenient controls on the steering wheel, Bluetooth interface, an electric park brake button, auto climate control air conditioning, and many more.

For the exterior design, the Daihatsu Boon boasts an outstanding exterior with breathtaking features. Exterior features play a vital role in enhancing a car’s aesthetics. 

This compact car is fully equipped with striking exterior elements, including HID headlights, front fog lamps, sport rims, reverse sensors, side mirror indicators, and a sunroof/moonroof/sunroof, among various other features.

Safety features are crucial for all car types, and Daihatsu has ensured that the Boon is equipped with high-quality safety features. These features contribute to a secure and smooth driving experience for both the driver and passengers, providing satisfaction during long-distance journeys with your family. 

The safety lineup includes a smart key, remote boot release, electric tailgate, traction control, anti-lock braking system, driver’s airbag, passenger airbags, navigation system, and various other elements. These specifications of the Daihatsu Boon are indeed can enhance the overall appeal of the car.

Various Rates You Can Get for Boon

As we know, Daihatsu offers the most affordable prices within its class including this version. This version offers the best specifications with eye-catching and elegant interior and exterior design with safety features included. However, those benefits don’t make this version more expensive. Instead, here is a list of prices of Boon:

  • Daihatsu Boon : $1,871 – 10,165
  • Daihatsu Boon 2005 : $6,877 – $13,684
  • Daihatsu Boon 2004 : $6,877 – $13,684
  • Daihatsu Boon 2006 : $8,192
  • Daihatsu Boon 2016 : $3,915
  • Daihatsu Boon 2018 : $4,788
  • Daihatsu Boon 2020 : $7,399

Those prices depend on what year you buy and the details of the car. Still, the prices are super affordable. You will get the best service and the great specifications of a car for your family.

The pricing of Boon is highly affordable, making it easily accessible at a low cost. You can conveniently purchase this compact car, and it is available for bidding on various online Japanese auction platforms.

Before buying a car you should understand the other expenses that you should spend a month for. Hence, it is obligatory to know the fuel consumption. 

The Boon boasts an average fuel consumption of approximately 30 mpg. In addition, since this brand is highly recognized worldwide, it is very easy to find the trustable mechanics. You will get the best service and spare parts easily. Also, the price is budget-friendly and it will suit your monthly budget planning.

The 2012, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005, and 2004 models are particularly recommended. You can choose one of these models and find out which car you need.

Would You Choose the Daihatsu Boon for Your Car?

Choosing a car is never easy, you should consider any aspects that come with the car and budget. You should do some observation to understand what you really want and need for a car because a car is something to use in the long term and should be maintained fully. Daihatsu Boon offers you the most affordable price with the best exterior and interior design. It gives you the best security system. In addition, you will get an accessible place to maintain your car. So, are you going to choose this option for a long-term car with your family?

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