Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky: Revealing the Secret Distinctions

Considering their similar shape, it is understandable that many individuals might mistake these two cars for being identical. The form of Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky can be quite deceiving to many people. Uncover the hidden specifics that set these two cars apart. Keep scrolling to find out more!

The First Appearance of the Daihatsu Rocky vs Toyota Raize

In addition to the ongoing debate surrounding the affecting similarities between the Toyota Raize vs the Daihatsu Rocky, several other factors contribute to their unusual similarity. For instance, consider the month and year when the two cars were released. Here is some information on the beginning release dates. 

1. Toyota Raize First Introduction

On November 5, 2019, Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced it was starting sales of the new Raize worldwide. Despite Toyota Raize being available for purchase since November 5, it debuted at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show on October 23, 2019, going by the label “New Compact SUV”.

The Toyota Raize is a compact SUV that offers a smaller alternative to the C-HR, released on 14 December 2016. However, Raize took over from the J200 Rush series in Japan and was released in 2006. 

Furthermore, RAIZE is derived from the English words “RISE” and “RAISE”. In addition to that, the name RAIZE signifies a dynamic vehicle that adds excitement to your everyday routine. 

2. The Debut of Daihatsu Rocky

The process seems that the Daihatsu Rocky is from the previous generation. Specifically, the Rocky F70, F300, and the latest addition, the A200. In the Daihatsu Rocky A200 series, the Daihatsu Rocky was rebranded and made available as the Toyota Raize under the Toyota and Subaru brands.

As a result, the release date for both cars coincides. The purchases began on November 5, 2019, and were first shown to the public view on October 23, 2019, at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show.

At the time of their original releases, the only difference between the two cars was their respective manufacturer. Indeed, the two cars share an identical release date because they are both produced at Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Colors, Models, and Prices Comparisons between Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky

After determining the release dates of the Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky, additional distinctions appear, including color options, model designations, and current market prices. Several indicators demonstrate that the two cars still possess noticeable variations despite being manufactured in the same facility.

The contrasting factors between the two are the variations in colors, models, and costs, such as:

1. Toyota Raize 

Raize offers an increasingly diverse range of colors. There are a total of 12 different colors. Specifically, Silver Metallic Black, Turquoise MM, Turquoise MM Black, Red Black, White Black, Yellow Black, Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic, Red, Yellow, White, and Black. 

Furthermore, other versions range based on particular requirements. In addition, the specific model determines the price since each has its unique benefits. There are many types, such as: 

  • 1.2 G MT
  • 1.2 G CVT
  • 1.0 Turbo G MT
  • 1.0 Turbo G CVT
  • 1.0 Turbo GR Sport CVT
  • 1.0 Turbo GR Sport CVT TSS

However, for the average prices offered by series and year, such as:

  • 5BA-A200A (2021) $13,460
  • 5AA-A202A (2023/4) $22,730
  • 5BA-A200A (2019/12) $13,360
  • 3BA-A210A (2022/12) $14,500
  • 5BA-A200A (2020/3) $14,980

2. Daihatsu Rocky

In addition to the Toyota Raize, the Daihatsu Rocky has elements that set it apart. Nevertheless, the quantity of color changes for Rocky is comparatively lesser than for Raize. Several colors include: 

  • Dark Gray Metallic
  • Classic Silver Metallic
  • Ultra Black Solid
  • Yellow Metallic
  • Shining Pearl White
  • Compagno Red
  • Compagno Red 2 Tone
  • Icy White 2-Tone

Now, here are some of the models:

  • 1.2 M MT
  • 1.2 X MT
  • 1.2 M CVT
  • 1.2 X MT ADS
  • 1.2 X CVT
  • 1.2 X CVT ADS
  • 1.0 R MT
  • 1.0 R ADS MT
  • 1.0 R CVT
  • 1.0 R ADS CVT
  • 1.0 R ASA CVT

While there exist a greater number of car models than the Toyota Raize, the prevailing costs in the market are determined not by the specific model but by the year of the car’s debut.  The pricing for the Daihatsu Rocky from 2019 to 2023 is as follows: 

  • 5BA-A210S (2019/11) $14,740
  • 5BA-A200S (2019/11) $13,810
  • 5BA-A200S (2020/6) $11,070
  • 3BA-A210S (2021/12) $14,120
  • 3BA-A210S (2022/7) $12,660
  • 5BA-A201S (2022/6) $13,180
  • 5AA-A202S (2022/7) $18,600
  • 3BA-A210S (2023/3) $17,490
  • 5BA-A201S (2023/4) $16,280

In the Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky comparison, the models, colors, and prices vary significantly. However, these are observable, particularly in terms of the specifications.

Key Specifications to Consider While Comparing the Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky

While analyzing the comparison of Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky, the top models of their respective brands, there are certainly identified specifications to consider. 

Both cars are classified as SUVs, which stands for sport utility vehicles. Regarding all of this, there are still differences between the engine, the kind of gasoline, the type of tire, and so on. The information that follows is detailed in terms of the specifications, such as: 

AspectsToyota RaizeDaihatsu Rocky
Transmission TypeManual & CVTManual & CVT
Steering Wheel Gearshift Paddle Depending on the models’
Gear BoxVariable Speed & 5-SpeedVariable Speed & 5-Speed
Length4030 mm4030 mm
Width1710 mm1710 mm
Height1635 mm1635 mm
Seating Capacity55
Engine Features1.2L Petrol Engine and 3 Cylinder 12 Valve DOHC1.2L Petrol Engine and 3 Cylinder 12 Valve DOHC
Ground Clearance200 mm200 mm
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
Engine Displacement998 cc & 1198 cc998 cc & 1198 cc
Front Brake TypeVentilated DiscsVentilated Discs
Front SuspensionMacPherson StrutMacPherson Strut
Steering Gear TypeRack & PinionRack & Pinion
Alloy WheelsYesYes
Steering TypeElectric Power/PowerElectric Power/Power
Wheel CoversNoNo
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Adjustable Steering ColumnYesYes
Alloy Wheel Size16 in & 17 in16 in & 17 in
Wheel SizeR16 & R17R16 & R17
Tyre Size205/65 R17 & 205/65 R16205/65 R17 & 205/65 R16

The characteristics above show that the Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky have many similarities. However, some specifications are different, such as the Fuel Supply System and the Gearshift Paddle that is located on the steering wheel. 

There were no instances of these two specs being discovered on the Daihatsu Rocky. Furthermore, the data is derived from the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky models, both of which are 1.0 and 1.2 in size.

Which One is Superior between Toyota Raize vs Daihatsu Rocky?

The comparative advantages of the Toyota Raize vs the Daihatsu Rocky depend on the criteria you choose for comparing each vehicle. When comparing prices, for instance, you’ll see that the 2023 Daihatsu Rocky costs $16,280, and the 2023 Toyota Raize costs $22,730. 

On the other hand, the Toyota Raize offers a wider variety of colors than the Daihatsu Rocky does. Aside from that, both of them are mostly comparable, particularly in terms of dimensions and several other factors like the release date and the manufacturer company. Then, which one do you prefer between the two?

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