Daihatsu Taft: Discover the Best Generations and Specs

Unlike other automobiles, the Daihatsu Taft has an unusual appearance. Firstly, it is an off-road vehicle, now all the rage. What specifics make this car a limited car and hard to find when the next generation model comes out? Here, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the Taft automobile. Check out below!

Daihatsu Taft: The Journey from the Beginning Until Today

A Japanese production automobile that has been around since 1974 is the Daihatsu Taft, whose name is Daihatsu Tafuto. The Taft F10, Taft F70, and LA900 are the three versions of this vehicle. F10, F20, F50, and F60 are some of the other series. 

As for the acronym TAFT, it stands for Tall & Almighty Four-wheel Touring Vehicle. Let’s dive deeper into the generations from the following explanation: 

1. F10 (First Generation)

The 1974 F10 series saw the launch of the first generation of Taft. In the F10, the engine distributes torque equally to each of the four axles, making it a 4×4 SUV. The car had a 1.0 L (958 cc) petrol engine and a four-speed manual gearbox with a two-range transferring gear. The F10 comes in SWB soft top and hardtop variants.

Next came the F20 in 1977, which overtook it with a bigger 1.6 L (1587 cc) Toyota 12R gasoline engine. Then, the F50 series will soon follow with a 2.5 L DG diesel generator. The two types are available in four-or six-seat arrangements, with a softtop or hardtop SWB option.

2. F70 (Second Generation)

Then, from 1984 until 2002, the Daihatsu Rugger, the second-generation Taft, debuted. It was offered with a short wheelbase, a convertible soft top or detachable hard top, and a longer wheelbase with a metal top. 

Additionally, this vehicle type is an SUV designed for off-road use. Also, the petrol capacity is 2765cc. In addition to that, the gearbox made use of 5MT.

3. LA900 (Third Generation)

Next, in 2020, the LA900, a small-capacity car in Japan fashioned like a crossover SUV, debuted as the third generation. In this generation, TAFT changed its acronym to Tough and Almighty Fun Tool. However, the LA900 type car is still popular in some countries because it is the latest Taft car until now.

Daihatsu Taft: Color Options, Models, and Today’s Cost 

Various kinds and models of Daihatsu Taft cars have been developed since the first one was introduced in 1974. For example, the prices, also fluctuate with the market now. As a result, there is a wide range of retail pricing for each selection, depending on factors such as model, year, and color.

The below models’ costs are determined by their year of introductory remarks, as well as the available color options that are now available for purchase, including: 

1. F10 First Generation (1974 -1984)

Finding someone selling them is quite unusual. Aside from that, it may choose from a limited range or just one color.

  • Daihatsu Wildcat phase-I Soft-Top (1974 -1978) 
  • 1976 – 1978 Daihatsu Wildcat phase-I Wagon
  • Daihatsu Taft-Wildcat phase-II LWB (1981 -1984)
  • 1978 – 1984 Daihatsu Wildcat phase-II Soft-Top
  • Daihatsu Wildcat phase-II Wagon (1978 -1984)

2. F70 Second Generation (1984 – 2002)

The Daihatsu Rugger is the name of the second generation of Daihatsu Taft. Since this model is out of production, you will see pricing for a used car.

  • Daihatsu Rocky-Fourtrak F70 Hard-Top (1984 -1993)
  • 1984 – 1993 Daihatsu Rocky-Fourtrak F70 Soft-Top 
  • Daihatsu Rocky-Fourtrak F73 (1993 – 2002)
  • 1984 – 1993 Daihatsu Rugger F70 Hard-Top
  • Daihatsu Rugger F70 Soft-Top (1984 -1993)
  • 1984 – 1993 Daihatsu Rugger F70 Wagon
  • Daihatsu Rugger F73 (1993 – 2002)
  • 1992 Daihatsu Rocky Manual 4×4 (Price: $15,990)
  • 1981 Taft 2.5 Jeep 
  • 1991 Taft 2.8
  • 1996 Taft 2.8 Rocky SUV
  • 1997 Taft 2.8 GT SUV 

3. LA900 Third Generation (1984 – 2002)

There is used-car pricing for the other two models and several LA900 variants. The most important factor is that this particular vehicle is very restricted in production. However, just a few of the most recent 2023 Taft Reborn models show the current new and used automobile pricing.

  • 5BA-LA900S Taft – Sale in 9/2022
  • 5BA-LA900S Taft Reborn 2023 / 3 Blue (New price: $11,617)
  • Taft  2023 / 10 Green (Used car price: $10,960)
  • 5BA-LA900S Beige (Used car price: $10,201)
  • Taft 5BA-LA900S Pearl (Used car $9,767)
  • 5BA-LA900S 2023 / 10 Grey (Price for used car $10,234)
  • Daihatsu LA900 2020 Black (Price for used car: $10,020)
  • 6BA-LA900S Black (Used car: $ 9,084)

Listed above are only a few examples of the models, kinds, colors, and pricing from the three generations of cars. Also, other than the newest releases, Taft automobiles do not exist in certain models, so they might be considered restricted. 

As you can see, some car types do not include pricing due to the hidden and limited information on the internet. Thus, you could see some post-use costs for the vehicle.

Daihatsu Taft: Specs from the First Generation Up to Now

Undoubtedly, Daihatsu Taft will encounter improvements in its development to enhance its qualities.  For example, such particular off-road, SUV, and kei car offers distinct specifications compared to regular automobiles. The following are the comprehensive details spanning from the first generation to the present, including: 

1. Engine Capacity

  • F10: The cars were fitted with various engines ranging from 958 (1.0 L) to 2765 cc displacement. 
  • F70: The engine displacement in these cars ranged from 1998 to 27,65 cc.
  • LA900: This generation’s engine is quite small, with a displacement of only 660 cc (0.66 liters)

2. Fuel Type 

No fuel type has remained unchanged since its introduction except for this one. Petrol is the fuel of choice for the F10, F70, and LA900. However, the first gasoline was produced in 1876. Daihatsu Taft’s use of this fuel proves it is a good substance. 

3. Transmission

The ability to shift between gears is a key feature of vehicles equipped with manual transmissions. Nevertheless, automobiles of the F10 and F70 varieties are still equipped with manual transmissions. In addition, the LA900 started to go into automatic mode transmission.

  • Taft F10 (First Generation): 4-speed manual and 5-speed manual
  • F70 Series: manual 4-speed gearbox
  • LA900 Taft: CVT (continuously variable transmission) or automatic

4. Size of the Dimensions and Weight

The length, width, and weight of the many Daihatsu Taft models range from the first generation to the third. Take the vehicle type that debuts in a given year as an example; it determines these dimensions. However, the sizes are quite similar. The dimensions of the Taft type are as follows:

  • F10: Length 3320 mm/130.7 in, Width 1460 mm/57.5 in, Height 1860 mm/73.2 in, Wheelbase 2025 mm/79.7 in, Weight 975 kg/2149 lbs (overall size)
  • Taft F70: Length 3775 mm/148.6 in, Width 1580 mm/62.2 in, Height 1,830–1,905 mm (72.0–75.0 in), Wheelbase 2205 mm/86.8 in, Weight 1310 kg/2888 lbs (overall size)
  • LA900: Length 3395mm, Width 1475mm, Height 1630mm, Wheelbase 2,460 mm (96.9 in), Weight 890kg (size in overall)

The Rarity of Daihatsu Taft Increases Annually

Not just automobiles. All objects that have existed from the beginning, such as the Daihatsu Taft, will undoubtedly become limited over time. However, not only the first and second generations but even the third generation are becoming harder to come by.

There are some, but that does not imply many. As a result, Taft automobiles are exceedingly rare. In the end, are you interested in purchasing one?

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