Introducing Daihatsu Atrai: Your 2023 Third Living Space

As a mainstay kei car in Japan, the Daihatsu Atrai is presented as a versatile modern mini-vehicle nowadays. Despite being classified as a car with a small engine, the Atrai is extremely fuel efficient and has ample storage space. Ready to learn about this type of car in detail? Let’s delve deeper into the post below!

Daihatsu Atrai, The Versatile Compact Car 

Being a Daihatsu light automobile, the new Atrai is Japan’s best-selling vehicle. With its efficiency and practicability, Atrai has become a popular commercial car in this era as well. Generally, it is also considered a mini vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes, including daily activities, business, and recreation.

Because of the boxy body design and smaller dimensions, this car appears to be a Grandmax at first glance. However, the Atrai looks more exclusive and has a compact design that complies with Japanese kei car regulations. 

To maximize usability, Daihatsu serves Atrai in a spacious luggage space with a huge loading capacity. Furthermore, it also has a premium pattern and a full range of comfortable elements at a low cost. 

Since Atrai suits the largest share of the mini special-purpose vehicle market, it is adored by numerous customers for its range variations and diversity. As a result, Daihatsu presents a major significant change to the newest Atrai model. Now, Atrai has brought a grade deck van to support the perfect needs of loyal customers.

Main Specification of Daihatsu Atrai

Atrai is available in both two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) types. Meanwhile, the steering position is on the right side of the car. Further, the highest-spec Atrai is powered by a three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 658 cc DOHC injection. 

The engine-coded KF can generate 63 horsepower and 91 Newton meters of torque. The entire power will then be routed through a five-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission.

In terms of fuel, Atrai uses petrol with a tank capacity of 38 liters and can drive for 19.7 kilometers per liter. It means this kei car can cover at least a distance of around 722 km on one full charge.

Within a curb weight of 1,900 pounds and a cargo capacity of 33 cubic feet, Atrai gets an EPA-estimated 38 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway. That’s why, Atrai is regarded as one of the most fuel-efficient kei cars on the market.

5 Impressive Features of Daihatsu Atrai

Despite its small size, Atrai has several intriguing features. By utilizing a multi-box concept with ultimate utility and a spacious square rear door, you can easily customize Atrai and fill various types of properties to meet your needs. However, the Atrai’s features do not stop there. Let’s explore the complete features as explained below!

1. DNGA Platform  

Unlike other car brands, Daihatsu vehicles like Atrai are equipped with the DNGA platform. It is Daihatsu’s New Global Architecture, which uses cutting-edge technology to support more capable vehicles. 

Daihatsu always develops DNGA-based products by taking into account all detailed vehicle aspects, such as size, weight, price, and time. Hence, it can bring a unique driving experience sensation.  

Apart from the stylish design, Atrai also has a superior performance by implementing DNGA. These benefits include higher stability, optimal accelerance, the most recent comfort features, fuel efficiency, and affordable prices in its class.

2. Smooth CVT

Daihatsu introduces an unrivaled sophisticated Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) feature on the Atrai model. The CVT’s ability to change gear ratios based on engine speed can certainly provide a smoother driving experience. Hence, the car drivers will not encounter jerky gear shifts.

Additionally, the Atrai gear ratio range has also been expanded on both the low and high sides. This will result in more powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds, as well as more fuel-efficient performance and quiet operation at high speeds.

2. ADB Lights and LED Headlamp

Daihatsu Atrai has an exterior design with various light features. To provide the best lighting, it serves both LED headlamps on the front grill and LED fog lamps on the front bumper. Meanwhile, there are modern rear combination lamps and stylish garnishes with the latest technology at the back.

On the other hand, Atrai also has other distinctive features, such as Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) Lights which can be adjusted in such a way. You can turn off or even dim the lights automatically according to the intensity of the light.   

3. Extra Luggage Space

Judging from its compact design and boxy body type, the Atrai car can accommodate 4 seats with a maximum load of 350 kg. Even though it looks small, the Atrai actually has quite a large trunk. Plus, it’s ideal for a variety of activities with multiple needs. 

This comes along with a luggage board that can hold up to 5kg of items as well as an easy care mat to maintain and clean the outdoor equipment. 

4. Key Free

Daihatsu always prioritizes user comfort in all of its vehicle models, particularly the Atrai. The key-free and push-button start system features allow the driver to open, close, and start the car without ever taking out the key. 

Furthermore, the power sliding doors and easy closing features can close the doorway on both sides of the car in an automatic way.  

5. Digital Smart Rearview Feature

As a world-class company, Daihatsu always considers car safety features that are diverse yet perfect to provide user comfort. In terms of safety, firstly, Atrai has a digital smart rearview feature. The aim of it is to monitor rear traffic conditions through the built-in looking glass mirror by displaying images from the camera.

How Much Does The Daihatsu Atrai Cost?

In terms of price, the Daihatsu Atrai is quite affordable. However, there are some distinctions between the two versions. 

For the FWD variant, this family car is priced at 1,672,000 yen or US$ 11,180.91. Meanwhile, the Atrai’s price for the 4WD version is higher, at 1,826,000 yen (US$ 12.204,71).  

Does the Daihatsu Atrai Suit Your Needs?

With all the superior specifications and features available, Atrai is a pioneer of kei cars that are environmentally friendly and suitable for various activities. If you are looking for a small, fuel-efficient, and affordable kei car, Atrai is the way to go. So, are you ready to explore various adventures with the perfect driving comfort experience?

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