Ins and Outs of Daihatsu Luxio You Should Know

A car is an ideal vehicle because it can shelter you from hot and rainy weather. Daihatsu Luxio is a smart choice for an affordable family car that can accommodate many passengers. The car cabin usually has a more spacious room and can accommodate at least four people. 

Ensure to keep scrolling through this article to get a holistic insight into Luxio, which is a product that is worth purchasing from Daihatsu!

A Glimpse of Daihatsu Luxio

Astra Daihatsu Motor is a Japanese car company better known as Daihatsu. This brand releases various types of cars to reach its consumer’s needs. Luxio is a type of family car released on February 26, 2009.

This car can accommodate a maximum of eight passengers. Therefore, this car is highly recommended for those who have a big family. Since demand for Luxio cars on the market keeps rising, on February 19, 2014, Daihatsu underwent a facelift that made Luxio look more modern and luxurious.

9 Highlights That Make Luxio Worth Considering

Knowing some of the highlights before purchasing a car will surely help you to solidify your choice. Please take a peek at the nine aspects of the highlight as follows so you can be more confident in choosing Daihatsu Luxio!

1. ABS Feature – Anti-lock Braking System

Considering that not all road users drive carefully and obey traffic, Daihatsu has enhanced car safety by equipping it with an ABS feature. The latest Luxio is equipped with an ABS feature which can enhance safety while driving. 

This feature can reduce the risk of the car slipping when braking suddenly or avoiding an object. ABS can brake the wheel without locking it which is making it safer. Amazingly, the ABS feature is also dependable when driving on slippery roads.

2. A Machine with a High Level of Durability

Another essential highlight you should not miss before purchasing a car is to recognize the machine’s durability. Indeed, the machine is a source of power so it has a full impact on performance while driving. Surprisingly, Daihatsu Luxio uses a machine with high durability.

Luxio uses an engine coded 3SZ-VE DOHC VVT-I, which is also used in the 2007-2017 Terios series. This water-cooled engine is capable of achieving a maximum torque of 13.7 Kgm @ 4,400 Rpm and produces power up to 97 PS @ 6,000 Rpm.

Other than all of the facts mentioned above, this machine also uses EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology. This technology allows the engine to burn effectively and perfectly. Consequently, the engine will work more optimally so the vehicle will move smoothly.

3. Flat Monocoque Chassis

Luxio will provide a comfortable driving experience for passengers because it uses a flat monocoque chassis. This flat car cabin floor definitely makes it easier for passengers to move when entering or getting out of the car.

Another advantage of using a flat monocoque chassis is that it makes the cabin feel more spacious, enabling you to load a lot of stuff. Hence, the Daihatsu Luxio is an excellent choice for a family car or travel business.

4. Automatic Transmission Available

In order to provide driving convenience, Luxio provides manual and automatic transmission options. The automatic transmission makes it easy to shift gears making it suitable for novice drivers. Therefore, long-distance driving will not be tiring if you use the automatic transmission variant.

Although new cars generally use automatic transmissions, Luxio still provides a manual transmission option for those who consider driving as an art. Usually, only drivers with advanced skills can properly drive a car with a manual transmission.

5. Radiator Cooler Adjacent to The Engine

Even though the Luxio engine is placed below the driver and passenger in the front, it will not lessen comfort while driving. You will not feel hot due to the heat from the engine because the radiator is positioned close to the engine.

The radiator cooler located at the front also makes it easier for you to check and refill the water. Ergo, don’t be alarmed that hot temperatures will get into the cabin when traveling long distances with the Daihatsu Luxio.

6. Equipped with armrest and Cup Holder

A simple point worth highlighting is the convenience of sitting in the passenger seat. Luxio has equipped the passenger seat with an armrest so you can rest your arms conveniently. In addition, the armrest is also equipped with a cup holder.

You can use this feature to place a cup or bottle so you do not have to hold it by yourself throughout the road. Even though it seems simple, the presence of the armrest and cup holder has quite an impact on passenger convenience.

7. Double Blower AC

Since the Luxio has a spacious cabin and can accommodate up to eight passengers, the car’s interior is also equipped with a double-blower AC. As a result, the cabin will remain cool and fresh even though it accommodates many people. This double-blower AC feature means that long trips in hot weather will not be a big issue.

8. Retractable Rear View Mirror and Power Window

Even though Daihatsu Luxio is affordable, this car also has excellent features such as retractable and power windows. This retractable feature allows you to fold the rearview mirror automatically when passing through narrow roads. Hence, it facilitates you to drive more comfortably and effortlessly.

On the other side, it will be easier for you to open and close the window glass by operating the power window feature. All you need to do to functionalize it is to press the available button.

9. Affordable Price

The final highlight that makes Luxio worth purchasing is its affordability. To obtain a car that uses an automatic transmission with excellent features, and has a luxurious appearance, you can get it from $16989,43.

If you want to get a cheaper price, you can consider Luxio with a manual transmission, prices start from $15058,81.

Let’s Visit the Nearest Daihatsu Dealer Immediately to Get It!

In a nutshell, the Daihatsu Luxio is a middle-class passenger car that offers comfort and luxury in its exterior and interior design. Novice drivers would be better off choosing the automatic transmission option for more comfortable and safe driving.

The automatic transmission that this Daihatsu car series offers helps those who frequently travel long distances have a more convenient driving experience at a more affordable cost while providing great features for your long-drive needs.

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