Daihatsu Xenia: Best Family Car with Great Performance

There is always such a huge improvement in vehicle manufacture. The one involved is Toyota’s adjoining vehicle factory, Daihatsu. This big company has released great SUVs and family cars through the generations. Daihatsu Xenia is the name of this vehicle. Scroll down this article to learn about this great minivan for this decade!

Daihatsu Xenia Overview

The year 2003 was the very first time Daihatsu released a family car or minivan with great performance. Daihatsu Xenia was introduced to the public at the Gaikindo Auto Expo. This minivan was traded for up to 100 thousand units at that time because of several factors that attracted people. 

It shows incredible performance with a good engine system, easy maintenance, and fuel economy were the reasons this minivan has sold. In addition, you could purchase this minivan at an affordable price, yet you could get more than it is worth. 

Generations Growing

The journey started in 2003, then the enhancement kept going and got bigger in the next year. At the current time, this family car has reached the third generation after all. Below is an illustration of how the generations grew from this minivan.

1. First Generation

Daihatsu also decided to make minor changes to this minivan which was released between 2006 and 2008. Minor improvements are required in the interior and additional VVT-i technology was established by Toyota.

In 2009, Xenia came with a 4-speed automatic transmission for the three models, yet the Li and Xi models were assembled with identical features. Included features on both models are power steering, a CD player, a single DIN radio tape, and power windows. 

If you are struggling with parking, this minivan is equipped with parking sensors, electric mirrors, and alloy wheels. Nevertheless, these features are only available for the model which was released in 2009 and the latest. 

However, the 1.0 L engine option was assembled in the Mi and Li models. Additionally, the 1.3 L engine system was used in the Xi model with a five-speed manual transmission engine. The particular performance of the Xi model makes this Daihatsu Xenia model one that shows great action.

2. Second Generation

Further, the second generation of Daihatsu Xenia which was released in 2011 -2019 eventually has several improvements on its interior and exterior. There are also new models introduced to the public which are 1.0 D, 1.0 M, 1,3 X, and 1.3 R. However, the automatic transmission engine system is only available for the 1.3 R.

At that moment, the Great New Xenia was introduced to the public as the advanced series of the last version with facelift improvement. This model comes with three additional types which are 1.0 M Deluxe, 1.3 X Deluxe, and 1.3 R Sporty. VVT-i technology is also equipped within this model’s engine system. 

An additional facelift occurred one more time in 2009 for the newest version. This time, the engine system also developed into 1.5 L with certain enhancements added. You could enjoy the automatic smart entry system with digital air conditioning. What’s more, the exterior and interior changed with a double din full touch screen head part.

3. Third Generation

The third generation of this minivan was officially introduced in 2021. In this new season, Daihatsu gave a new model by doing a huge redesign of its body look. Facelift has been added to the new model to make it look more modern with several detail points such as the glass lighting and back part design.

The Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) taking part in redesigning the new Daihatsu Xenia. This new model of Daihatsu minivan turned into a car with a front-engine front-wheel drive system. Previously, this minivan used to carry the rear-wheel drive system with a live axle. 

DNGA chose to replace the suspension system as well using a MacPherson strut. They put it at the front rear and a torsion beam at the rear as the upper steering pivot. 

Additionally, there has been an improvement in the performance since the 4-speed automatic transmission. This system has been replaced with a D-CVT which is carrying better engine power.

Unfortunately, not all Daihatsu Xenia are equipped with VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), HSA (Hill Start Assist), and BA (Brake Assist) as the standard features. Those devices are only installed on the Toyota Avanza and Veloz. Yet, Daihatsu’s Advance Safety Assist is available for the top grades of the Xenia.

The Advantages of Daihatsu Xenia

In any case, this minivan successfully gained a lot of people’s interest because of its great performance and economy-affordable price. Other than that, this minivan offers several advantages for you to get such an amazing experience, such as:

1. New Modern Design of Daihatsu Xenia

Several minor changes occurred in the previous generations in the part of its body look. Yet, you can enjoy modern design in the latest version of this minivan with aerodynamic style. Additionally, a new design for the headlight also changed into an LED, and the alloy wheels have been polished to be more sporty.

2. Spacious Cabin

Upgraded to a larger and longer body, you can expect that Daihatsu Xenia offers you such spacious cabin space. The real dimensions of this minivan are 4,190 x 1,660 x 1,685 mm. Thanks to this feature, you can save your stuff during the long trip you have with your family in the cabin and fit them perfectly there.

3. Fuel Efficient Capability

The capability of EJ- DOHC VVT-i and 1 NR-VE DOHC Dual VVT-i with EFI injection technology is able to make fuel-efficient balance. In this case, you can be economically efficient in maintaining fuel consumption, especially for long journeys and trips.

4. Safety at First

Additionally, safety is the most necessary if it comes to you and your passengers. Daihatsu Xenia is equipped with SRS airbags, a corner sensor to help you park your car, and alarms. 

The Great Minivan for You!

In fact, an automobile is a necessary need that you also require to help you do your activity. A minivan is one of the vehicle types that can carry people and stuff in a huge cabin. Daihatsu Xenia is the most considered vehicle that is capable of long trips. 

This model of minivan carried a lot of advantages through the engine system and additional features such as airbags and sensors. In addition, this minivan is also effective in fuel consumption. This vehicle is recommended for your travel business or you can travel by yourself with this great minivan!

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